The Bachelorette: Who’s Spencer Robertson?

In the second Spencer Robertson stepped from the limousine throughout The Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams understood she struck the jackpot. On Tuesday night, Chris Harrison introduced new handsome guys into Tayshia’s lifetime, and it is safe to say they were every prepared for what awaited themespecially Spencer, who had been the first person from the limousine. “Which one of you men frightened away Clare?” He promptly inquired the 16 dudes sitting within the La Quinta Resort. OK, so Spencer surely made an impression on audiences, on the other contestants, and definitely on Tayshia, since we watched her give him that the very first impression improved.

Before we begin daydreaming about the gorgeous few Tayshia and Spencer create, let us get to understand the guy behind said improved. Who’s Spencer Robertson, anyhow? According to his bio ABC, the 30-year old from La Jolla, CA, is a water treatment engineer. He studied chemistry in the University of Oregon, in which he played branch I lacrosse for 3 decades. Not just that, Spencer has been captain of the team during his senior year! He is since founded his firm, Robertson Water Therapy. Yeah, we will just go ahead and call him a grab.

Spencer along with the four new men have certainly shaken up things at the Bachelorette mansion, plus he is currently making himself understood with all the men and Tayshia. Have a look at photographs of Spencer beforehand, then meet a few other contestants here.

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