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The Airpods from Apple is facing growing challenges as Microsoft enters in wireless earpods

apple airpods

Apple Airpods 2019

Apple came up with the first generation of wireless earpods, Apple AirPods around two years ago. The Cupertino tech giant finally reaches towards the revelation that Imitation is the most sincere form of adulation.

Thurrott, a leading site that focuses on tech news said that Microsoft is working on something similar to the AirPods. And this brings a highly likely chance that Microsoft may debut the headphones later in the year 2019. The sources also said that the headphones are going to feature Microsoft personal virtual assistant Cortana along with the noise-cancellation tech. With the help of noise-cancellation technology, Microsoft will reduce the ambient noise which affects the audio experience.

The news about Microsoft curating the alternative of AirPods came into being after Amazon’s revelation about wireless earbuds came into being. Judging by the recent reports made by Bloomberg, Amazon is currently working on the alternative of AirPods. So far, Amazon is going to integrate the virtual assistant Alexa deep into its future alternatives of AirPods.

Apple AirPods is skyrocketing

The users can easily control the smart home devices such as thermostats, light bulbs with the help of Alexa. By the looks of it, the users can easily turn on the music with simple voice commands. These devices are going to join the league of “Apple AirPod Killers” such as Jabra Elite 65T, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds among others. The reason as to why the companies are showing interest in the wireless earbuds is that Airpods is getting popular. And these companies want to get into the action of developing and curating wireless earbuds.


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As of now, tech enthusiasts are predicting that the Cupertino Tech Giant will sell around 40 million pairs of AirPods. In the year 2018, Apple sold over 21 million earpods, according to Above Avalon analyst, Neil Cybart. Hence, by the end of 2019, around 50 million people are going to own AirPods around the world. The popularity suggests that Apple AirPods is the second all-time favorite best-selling product from the Cupertino tech giant.

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