The 100 Season 7: Spoilers, Air trademarks, Recaps, Photos, and much more

The 100 Season 7: Spoilers, Air Dates, Recaps, Photos, and More

The 100’s last period has passed the halfway stage, and we are more excited than ever to determine precisely how Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends’ stories may finish. Season 1 has leaned more difficult than ever before to the series’s sci-fi components, so there is no telling how things will play out.

This year has split all our personalities — some by space, some punctually, and some by both. A new threat looms in the horizon since the Disciples and their search for the Flame places our heroes in danger. And of course, Sheidheda remains running about, and he may be much more of a danger than to Clarke, Madi (Lola Flanery), and also the folks of Sanctum.

Regardless of the explanation for these twists will function, we are going to have to wait patiently to learn how Season 7 performs to find some replies. Meanwhile, TV Guide has accumulated everything we understand about the finished year The 100, by spoilers to projecting information to recaps of all of the episodes that have aired up to now. 

Episode 1:”From the Ashes”The 100 Boss breaks down Bellamy’s Absence, a New Threat, which Sheidheda Twist 

Episode two:”The Garden”The 100’s Jason Rothenberg on How Motherhood Changed Octavia

Episode 3:”False Gods”The 100 Recap: Raven’s odds of Surviving the Season Only Stopped Down

Episode 4:”Hesperides”The 100: Who would be the Disciples? 

Episode 5:”Welcome into Bardo”Can The 100 Only Kill Away 1 Our Favorite Characters?

Episode 6:”Welcome into Nakara”Can Be Bellamy Blake Truly Dead The 100? )

Episode 7:”The Queen’s Gambit”The 100’s Lindsey Morgan Breaks Down Clarke and Raven’s Reactions to Bellamy’s Death 

Episode 8:”Anaconda”The 100 Boss claims the Spin-Off Can additionally Tell the Ark’s Origin Story

Episode 10:”A tiny Sacrifice”The 100’s JR Bourne claims Indra and Sheidheda’s Face-Off Gave Him’Goosebumps’

Episode 11:”Etherea”The 100: Bellamy May Have Only Stopped Against Clarke for Great

Lindsey Morgan, The 100

We might understand the show finale date.  There’s currently just one more fracture scheduled throughout The 100’s last period, which will set the series on a short minute hiatus. Depending on the Amount of episodes left to air, the finale date can be Sept. 30.  

We are led to a satisfying finish.  Showrunner Jason Rothenberg declared that the series would finish following Season 7 Twitter, and he told TV Guide that he needed a certain end in mind for the collection. “I expect [fans will] be fulfilled,” Rothenberg said. “I’m happy. I believe that it’s a fairly strong, emotional end.”

Bellamy (Bob Morley) will probably be MIA for a short time. Rothenberg verified to TV Guide which Morley asked to take some time off during the filming of Season , which lack has been written to the Season 7 story within an abduction. Though he is still a series everyday, there is no confirmation on if he will return.

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There’ll likely be 16 episodes in Season 1.  To the past couple of seasons, The CW has fairly frequently dictated 13-event seasons for Your 100, however the last season will include 16 episodes) That will set the entire number of episodes to the show in — wait for this 100.

We’ve got a first glance at a brand new human culture. Season 7 released a new human culture on earth named Bardo, and we have officially got our first glance at them. New photos reveal Octavia being hauled at a white area by more individuals with these strange symbols in their faces. One of these, the assumed chief, is called Anders, and he is played with Neal McDonough. 

Marie Avgeropoulos along with Jason Diaz, The 100Photo: Cw Neal McDonough and Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100Photo: CW

The brand new title sequence includes hints. Every season The 100’s opening credits receive a makeover, and there are signs on the upcoming period. There are a couple of noticeable changes from the new arrangement. The green sap of this Anomaly could be discovered in a number of areas in addition to a landscape which appears like a moon or some sort of freezing terrain. There is also what looks like a cylindrical lighted hall on the authentic name card, which will certainly be significant. Ultimately, if you zoom in on a few of those newest places seen from the credits you may read its recorded as”Bardo,” and the air is called”not breathable.” 

Generation wrapped with Eliza Taylor. Filming for its last year wrapped around Saturday, March 14. Many members of this crew and cast shared psychological goodbye messages since production on the series came to a finish. Jason Rothenberg’s closing tweet about departing place for the previous time was especially gut-wrenching. “Only left place together with the terrific @MisElizaJane and now I must say… she is a treasure,” Rothenberg composed. “Leaving the location we assembled together for the previous time proved to be a particular but bittersweet second. #The100.”

We’ve not seen the final of Octavia. Although her destiny looks menacing, whatever you can on The 100, also you also can not assume anybody is dead (or even if they’re, that they will remain like that ). Jason Rothenberg told Entertainment Weekly,”Whether she is dead or alive, Marie’s astonishing and you may safely say we’ve not seen the past. But if not she is dead and then we tell her story in flashback or whether we see her in the current, that is something we must wait and watch ”

Eliza Taylor, The 100Photo: Colin Bentley, Colin Bentley/The CW

There won’t be some time traveling. Regardless of Hope coming from this Anomaly as a grownup when three days before she had been fetus in Diyoza’s (Ivana Milicevic) stomach, Rothenberg ensured us he does not intend to use time traveling to spell out how that is possible. He did, however, tell us the period has been”acting funny” We all know the world named Skyring — aka Penance — is situated near a black hole, and that induces time to quicken. The subsequent time differential means a number of seconds on a different planet could interpret to many years on Skyring.

The 100’s Jason Rothenberg Addresses the Display End

Hope will not function as a villain. Possibly killing off a beloved character is a fantastic method to redefine yourself as the villain of this show, however we probably should not judge Hope too fast. Despite not needing to mention much about this brand new puzzle personality, Jason Rothenberg did inform TV Guide he believes we are likely to wind up liking her quick wit. That is probably a great thing considering TVLine accounts that Flannery is going to be a series regular at The 100 Season 7.

Shelby Flannery, The 100

We will be meeting new convicts. The convicts out of Eligius IV will variable a lot more into Season 1, using just two fresh convicts linking the gang once the show returns. Deadline reports the very first new prisoner is going to be a character called Nikki, performed with Alaina Huffman. Nikki’s personality description says she’s”a bank robber and spree-killer who’s equally unpredictable and ferocious. She’ll take on a sudden leadership job, urging for her folks from the new universe of Sanctum.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum, a brand new character called Hatch (Chad Rook) sounds less harmful. TVLine accounts that Hatch would probably be”a magical Eligius convict who’s determined to invent a better life for all those he loves.” Now it is only a puzzle who just he will wind up enjoying.

A backdoor pilot may present a possible prequel. One episode of the last season of this 100 will act as a backdoor pilot for a possible prequel collection. The potential spin-off is going to be put 97 decades prior to the events of this 100, starting as the world ends at a nuclear apocalypse. It’ll adhere to a group of people who struggle to acclimate to their new world and build a culture from the ashes of this one which came before. TVLine reports the incident is going to be titled,”Anaconda.”

Lindsey Morgan can lead to an event. Much like her co-stars Bob Morley and Henry Ian Cusick prior to her, The 100 celebrity Lindsey Morgan will soon be stepping behind the camera to direct an episode of this sequence. More importantly, she will direct Episode 7 of this year.

The 100 Season 7 premieres Wednesday, May 20 in 8/7c about the CW.

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100

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