That Grey’s Anatomy Yield Was the Last Thing We Expected

Seventeen seasons and Grey’s Anatomy is still shocking us. 

In the conclusion of the action-packed two-hour premiere on Thursdaythat the long-running medical drama hauled off its main surprise return by attracting entrance Patrick Dempsey since Derek Shepherd. He is still dead and just exists on the shore Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is dreaming about later falling at a parking lot, but for the very first time in five decades, he is really there. 

He had been only about the last man we expected to return Grey’s, partially because we have not even thought of him in some time and partially because actors do not often show up after departing Grey’s Anatomy,” however strong a relationship their personality has left or mutual their departure was.  Sandra OhKathering HeiglT.R. KnightSarah DrewJessica CapshawSara RamirezChyler LeighEric Dane–all made huge impressions on the series and never return. 

Just Isaiah Washington actually returned following his huge death, which was only to contribute Cristina (Oh) her huge send-off. In the event you’d asked us to rate the deceased docs based on how likely we believed they were to return, just Heigl could have been supporting Dempsey. 

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