Textnow Apk Download: Free Text + Calls Premium Unlocked Apk for Android

textnow apk download

You may call and send a lot of SMS messages for free using the TextNow app. Ads are present in the free version but can be disabled in the premium version.

Choose a number from the app’s list of possibilities before you start using TextNow. The features of TextNow include the capacity to make calls, the acquisition of call credits through the app’s tasks, an unlimited number of free voice messages, photo messages, voicemail, emoji, wallpaper, ringtones, notification sounds, a quick response feature, the ability to sign letters, and the capacity to send messages from your computer.

Information about TextNow: Free Text and Calls

textnow apk download

A free phone number is offered by the TextNow app for Android for texting and phoning. In essence, this app is solely intended for use in North America. TextNow provides a selection of numbers after you register as a user. With this number, you can call or text other users in the US or Canada, as well as send SMS messages to them.

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The following list includes some of TextNow’s features.

  • Register to receive a FREE Phone Number in any US locality’s area code.
  • Add additional burner lines without signing a contract or switching SIM cards.
  • Take advantage of free calling and texting.
  • Enjoy free calls and SMS over WiFi or cellular data; WhatsApp offers a similar service.
  • The TextNow app is not required for your pals to answer your calls.
  • a momentary no in order to respect your privacy.
  • While your phone is not working, stay connected.
  • Select vanity numbers that Verizon or AT&T may not offer.

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Other than The App-To-App Interaction, There Is No Worldwide Phone Service Accessible.

To learn more about the developer’s privacy and data protection policies, see their website. Utilize the app? In the space below, please share your opinions and any helpful hints. The application was first released as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app in 2009. Having the common feature of giving customers a US phone number they may use to send texts or make calls via WiFi Since then, it has grown to become a genuine operator of mobile virtual networks (MVNO). It accomplishes this with the use of the NationWide Sprint Network cellular service in the US, which gives your smartphone wireless coverage.

Easily communicate with loved ones who also have the Textnow app installed. Like any other IM app, you may transfer files like images and movies. Additionally, solely in the US and Canada, it provides free, unlimited calls and texts to NationWide Sprint Networks.

User-to-user voice calls on TextNow are free. As part of the regular service, users can send emoticons and photographs that are integrated in their messages. There is no delay in receiving the messages because they are carried at the same pace as your current phone plan. Call forwarding and voicemail are additional features of the service.

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