Tesla starts monthly FSD subscriptions at $199 a month

Tesla starts monthly FSD subscriptions at $199 a month
Tesla starts monthly FSD subscriptions at $199 a month

According to the latest news, Tesla has started offering a monthly subscription of its Full Self Driving package fat $199 per month. It comes with an offer for Tesla owners who bought it after the discontinuation of Enhanced Autopilot package; they will be eligible to grab this monthly FSD package at $99 per month. Tesla elaborated about the price and the offer on its support page.

So far, Tesla has sold its FSD package for a one-time fee of $10,000. This monthly package will let users test-drive the FSD features without any long term commitment as owners will be able to discontinue their monthly FSD subscription at any time.

Tesla models with FSD computer hardware 3.0 (HW3) or above plus either Basic or Enhanced Autopilot configurations are eligible to subscribe to FSD. Other Tesla owners would have to purchase a hardware upgrade for $1,500 to make their vehicles FSD ready.

For the last few years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had been promising a subscription option for FSD. Earlier this month, Tesla sent out over the air software updates for the beta of version 9 of FSD.

Note that the FSD software still does not allow a Tesla vehicle to drive itself without input from the driver. Today, a Tesla owner said that he has received a communication from Tesla which conveys that the FSD subscription includes “features like Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, Summon and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.”

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