Telegram hit by a DDoS attack, check how it impacts Users data

telegram hit by DDoS attack

DDoS attack on Telegram

Telegram, one of the most popular providers of messaging services, has become a victim of a powerful DDoS attack. The users came up with the revelations by stating that they are not able to connect the Telegram’s server. Soon the company said that the connection problem is due to a powerful never-to-be-seen-before DDoS attack. Later, the company took it to Twitter and told the users as to what was going on with its service & server.

According to the sources, Telegram did not take the initiative to address the users about the persisting connectivity issues. Telegram also did not provide the users with additional details surrounding the attack and when it will resolve the issues.

Telegram is the latest victim of a robust DDoS attack.

The DDoS attacks usually hijack or infect a group of computer or the network by targeting the website. The hackers were successful in flooding multiple systems into Telegram’s interface. There is also a highly likely chance that the DDoS attack on Telegram was successful as the network was vulnerable.

Users were unable to make a connection via Telegram as the server of the service was under perilous data inflow. Furthermore, the attack even reduced the performance of Telegram’s robust server.

Telegram finally breaks the silence about the connectivity issues.

Telegram said that they are currently addressing a potent DDoS attack that affected the users and the server. The DDoS attack has created connection issues among the users in America and several other countries.

The server of Telegram has received more than billions of bad requests which has stopped and infected the service, completely. The hackers used botnets to infect the server by successfully sending devouring malware. The company said that this is more like a zombie apocalypse. Telegram also assured its users that all their data are perfectly safe and sound. And as of now, Telegram is up and running.

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