Teen Mother Bombshell!

Kailyn Lowry Claims Javi Marroquin Ability To Cheat On Lauren Comeau Together With Her!

Kailyn Lowry is at the center of another major Teen Mom 2 drama! Watch HERE!

Say what you may about Kailyn Lowry‘s previous conclusions and/or selection of guys, yet this lady has a knack for creating for a few damn great reality TV!

The 28-year old Pennsylvania native would be the attention of a stunning new teaser before Tuesday’s forthcoming episode of Teen Mother 2. From the short clip, she’ll fly ALL the dirt she has on ex Javi Marroquin with a single HUGE brand new darkening accusation!

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The clip centres around Lowry, that shares 6-year-old kid Lincoln together with Marroquin, talking to one of those Teen Mother 2 manufacturers on cam about her continuing frustrations with her 27-year-old ex-husband along with his supposedly super funny (and uncooperative ) manners!

At this time was that the issue of child custody drop-offs. Tired of driving between Pennsylvania and Delaware each single one of her children traded hands on weekly, the Pothead Haircare creator signaled to either of her exes — Marroquin and Jo Rivera, with whom she shares 10-year-old Isaac — on the potential for meeting halfway in between for easier drop-offs and less push time.

Sounds like a no-brainer, ideal?! And instantly, Jo was to help out. Yay! However Javi, while useful in the beginning, quickly soured to the proposition after some moment. Afterward, when Kailyn called him out via text, then he reunite and accused her of being”mean” to him and his new fiancée, Lauren Comeau. Huh?! She clarified:

“Last weekI inquired Jo and Javi if they had begin meeting me halfway to get trades. They initially agreed but today Javi’s offering me a very tough time. He texted me also and was like,’Oh, so I am not likely to do anything to you since you are mean to me personally and Lauren [Comeau].'”

Frustrated, Lowry defended her actions, saying:

“I leave alone. I really don’t speak about her”

She subsequently got so bloated, she simply spilled — such as a kettle of boiling water:

“Just like, you consented to meet halfway although because it is not suitable for you, you are not gonna take action? Just like, oh really? Oh, so is that why you attempted to **k me Tuesday from the Wawa parking lot while your grandma is house along with your kid?”


But uhhh, what was the last part there, Kailyn?

The fact TV veteran never misses a beat following the accusation, instantly bringing receipts to back up her claim which Javi has seemingly been wanting to hook behind his fiancée’s spine!!!

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Equipped with current texts in the scoundrel inquiring whether he could”side-by-side” to get a hookup, Kailyn cares about just the way”annoyed” she’s together with her ex and his greedy sexual appetite. Especially since he is refusing to be more useful with Lincoln if there is no sex involved. And she is correct, also!!!

The 16 & Pregnant alum summed her up existing condition of frustration absolutely, stating of Javi:

“Sothat you are eager to visit Middletown to **k mepersonally, however you won’t return to Middletown to fulfill me personally to receive your own son? Or perhaps meet me halfway to acquire your kid? … I thought we had been great for just a time.”

Just like we mentioned, never a boring moment with this reality series!

Ch-ch-check outside Kailyn’s complete (and righteous) pity with her dip s**t ex from the clip (under )!

Oh, and take particular note of this MTV manufacturer’s HIGHLARIOUS response to Kailyn’s Wawa bombshell in roughly the 1:30 markers of the video:

About Tuesday’s episode of #TeenMom2, Kailyn faces play when she intends her following drop-off. Pic.twitter.com/GDTh3msYHn

— Teen Mother (@TeenMom) October 11, 2020

WOW! )

Talk about childish behaviour! And doing this full well understanding Kailyn’s likely to deliver the play along with the receipts into the series, also? Truly Javi?! What exactly were you really thinking, dude??

Can MTV give all of the products? Or is there much more dirt to emerge on Tuesday’s incident??

[Image via Teen Mom 2/Twitter/Javi Marroquin/Instagram]

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