Taylor Swift Reportedly Ended Her Relationship with Joe Alwyn, and Fans Believe She Hid a Clue About It on Her Jeans!

Taylor Swift reportedly ended her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and fans believe she hid a clue about it on her jeans!

Taylor Swift was spotted departing the New York City restaurant Via Carota on Monday night, just days after Entertainment Tonight and People reported that she and Joe Alwyn had broken up. (She was just blocks away from her old home on Cornelia Street, where some fans have flocked to pay their respects amid the reports.)

Due to the fact that the singer has not been routinely seen in public outside of her ongoing mega tour for the past few months, some fans believed that her appearance in New York was an attempt to communicate with them.

Swift reportedly dined with her longstanding collaborator Jack Antonoff and actress Margaret Qualley, as reported by TMZ. Antonoff and Qually are in a relationship. However, Swift’s dinner companions were not what attracted the attention of her admirers. That was her attire.

Taylor Swift reportedly ended her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and fans believe she hid a clue about it on her jeans!

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Swift was photographed wearing a black off-the-shoulder blouse, Mary Janes with heels, and jeans with a crystal butterfly cutout. Fans quickly hypothesized that the crystal butterfly cutout on her trousers was not a crystal butterfly cutout. It could be her most recent Easter egg.

Swift is notorious for hiding Easter eggs throughout her music, lyrics, music videos, and even apparel. According to a tweet from Swiftie, the singer told Entertainment Weekly in 2019 while promoting the album Lover that she uses butterflies as a symbol because they signify escaping from the darkness.

“Most of the time I’ll choose something that I believe symbolizes something else, such as… a butterfly breaking free from the darkness and fluttering into the light,” she told the publication.

Monday, the administrator of Taylor Swift Style, a fashion blog that identifies the clothes Swift wears, wrote that the jeans felt symbolic.

A blog’s Instagram caption read, “There’s something here that feels highly symbolic of the butterfly, not only in its nod to Lover but also in its original concept of rebirth and renewal.” “If there is one thing Taylor has perfected throughout her career, it is returning. Whether it’s from the deceased or a stronger trend than the 1990s.” (The phrase “stronger than a ’90s trend” appears in “Willow,” a song by Taylor Swift released in 2020.)

On TikTok, speculations about the butterfly’s potential significance were also abundant. One user posted a video suggesting that the butterfly could signify that Swift was no longer in a relationship with Alwyn, while another theorized that Swift’s off-the-shoulder black top was her version of Princess Diana’s black retribution dress. According to one theory, the jeans were a clue that Swift’s “Taylor’s Version” release of her debut album could be imminent, as butterflies were a prominent motif on the album.

Swift and Alwyn have not publicly verified reports of their breakup, rendering these jeans theories (however brilliant they may be) to be speculative.

What is certain, however, is that trousers are currently difficult to find. The trousers sold by Mytheresa for $673 have sold out.

Taylor Swift reportedly ended her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and fans believe she hid a clue about it on her jeans!

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While Swift has remained silent, admirers believe she may have alluded to the rumored split during a recent concert. During her first night in Arlington, Texas, on March 31, Swift exchanged the romantic song “Invisible String” which was thought to be about Alwyn for the breakup song “The 1.”

What may have caused the possible divorce is still the subject of emerging reports. On Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight reported that due to the couple’s divergent dispositions, Swift initiated the breakup. ET reported that Alwyn is “introverted” and “shy,” while Swift is fixated on her career.

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