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nobody enjoys a crazy girl… also Taylor Swift is MAD.

As we already reported, that the pop star’s masters are sold once more. Mega manager Scooter Braun marketed Taylor’s initial 7 records to an investment finance for quite a healthy amount, allegedly over $300 million. )

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Lest you believe this could indicate the conclusion of this publicized Taylor vs. Scooter feud, TayTay came back having a SCATHING reaction to the sale. The terrible Blood singer introduced on her side of this story societal networking, and the steak is nowhere close !

In reality, according to which she shows here she’s much more reason than to be mad!  She started:

“I needed to check in and update you guys. As you probably know, for the last year I have been actively attempting to recover possession of my mast records. With that aim in my mind, my group tried to enter into discussions with Scooter Braun.”

She attempted in good faith to get these masters, but in the beginning she had been becoming treated :

“Scooter’s team needed me to sign a ironclad NDA saying I’d never mention another word about Scooter Braun unless it had been positive, until we could look at the financial documents of BMLG (that’s the first step in a purchase of the character ). Therefore, I would need to sign a record that could silence me before I could have an opportunity to bid in my work. My team stated that this is completely NOT ordinary, and they have never seen that an NDA such as this introduced unless it had been to quiet an attack accuser by paying off them .”


It became apparent to Taylor that cash wasn’t a problem — that was out of personal relationship:

“He’d never quote my group a cost. These master records weren’t available to me”

And now there it is. The reality. Why not simply buy them? Even in the crazy reported cost of 300+ million? She was not able to.

However a person was. Taylor supported the reports of this sale, composing:

“A couple of weeks back my group obtained a letter by a private equity firm named Shamrock Holdings, allowing us know they had purchased 100percent of my songs videos, and album artwork from Scooter Braun. This is the next time my songs was sold with no knowledge.”

Not merely was Scooter selling, but he was trying to keep Taylor from the darkened AGAIN! She disclosed:

“The letter explained that they desired to reach before the purchase to allow me to understand, but Scooter Braun had demanded that they create no contact with my group, or so the deal could be away.”

Wow. At least that this new business was hoping to utilize Tay — so she believed.

“When we began communicating with Shamrock, I heard that beneath their conditions Scooter Braun would continue to gain off my older musical catalogue for decades . I had been optimistic and receptive to the prospect of a venture with Shamrock, however, Scooter’s involvement is really a non-starter for me personally ”

Can not say we blame ! Who knows what he’d attempt to pull adjacent??

However, Taylor also affirmed she has already started the laborious procedure for re-recording what:

“that I have lately started re-recording my old music and it’s proven to be equally enjoyable and creatively satisfying. I’ve tons of surprises in store”

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Oooh, that sounds fascinating! New collabs? Various lyrics?? So many chances…

“that I wish to thank you guys for supporting me during this continuing saga, and also I can not wait for one to hear exactly what I have been dreaming . I really like you guys and I am only gonna maintain cruising as they state ”

Taylor also contained a copy of the letter that she wrote back into Shamrock after studying Scooter would nevertheless be feeding her off songs — and it’s every bit as boss because you would anticipate from Tay at the stage.

Ch-ch-check out it (under )!

Been getting a great deal of questions regarding the current sale of my older masters. It is my hope that this clears up things. Pic.twitter.com/sscKXp2ibD

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) November 16, 2020


PHEW. Only when we think things have settled downthey heating all of the way up, huh? Sounds like neither of those two is prepared to allow another have the final word. You KNOW we will be keeping an eye on this situation as it grows!

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