Unraveling the Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Taylor Goodridge’s Untimely Death: A Comprehensive Investigation

taylor goodridge cause of death

Utah’s Hurricane — The family of Taylor Goodridge, a youngster who passed away while attending Diamond Ranch School, has had a trying month and a half. Dean Goodridge, her father, said he is still coming to terms with the death.

Taylor was a remarkable youngster. He remarked, “She was always grinning and laughing. “Losing her hurt not just our family but also the tribe and the community.”

The 17-year-old was a committed member of her native Washington’s Stillaguamish Tribe.

She assisted with our elderly programme, education programme, and the tribal community, according to Goodridge. She was well-known across the tribe and our neighbourhood.

Goodridge said that his daughter had experienced some problems as a teen. Diamond Ranch Academy was recommended to her family as a place to enrol her. At Hurricane, Utah, the institution is a boarding school for young people who are in danger.

What Really Happened at Diamond Ranch Academy?

taylor goodridge cause of death

He said, “She was just supposed to go there for, you know, her problems and get help.

Weekly video conferences between her father and her were normal, but in the middle of December, according to Goodridge, the school cancelled the call because Taylor was deemed too ill to participate.

In a Zoom conversation with her counsellor at Diamond Ranch School and a parent coordinator, he said, “I found out the week before. They reported that she had a stomach bug.

He received a phone call from the school on December 20, the day before they were scheduled to meet in person, informing him that Taylor’s condition was deteriorating.

Goodridge claimed, “They made it sound like she fainted, not that they were performing CPR and she was dying. “After that, I get a call stating she departed after 30 minutes,”

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Taylor Goodridge Is Now Suing Diamond Ranch Academy

In a federal court, he is currently suing Diamond Ranch Academy. According to the lawsuit, the school allegedly advised Taylor to “suck it up” after she complained of acute abdomen discomfort. Unspecified damages “adequate to penalise” the facility are what the family is requesting.

“They ought to have had her seen by a doctor. People interpret that as the child attempting to pull something or refusing to do this or that, he said. “What the brochure doesn’t portray is how they treat the kids there.”

Taylor Goodridge’s Cause of Death

taylor goodridge cause of death

The inquiry has revealed to the family that Taylor took examinations earlier in the day at the school.

They claimed to have performed testing, and her blood sugar levels were normal. How is it that they return in good condition yet my kid has vanished hours later? stated Goodridge.

Although Taylor’s death is still under investigation, Goodridge noted that sepsis is the likely cause of death.

While police investigate the fatality, the school is still operational, but the Utah Department of Health and Human Services has given it a conditional status.

Goodridge is committed to going above and above to ensure that this does not occur to any other families.

“I want them to be stopped! I never want them to have custody of someone else’s child again,” he declared.

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Several efforts for comment from Diamond Ranch Academy have gone unanswered.

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