Tati Westbrook Suing YouTube Gossip Channel With No Crystal Ball To Get Defamation!

YouTuber Tati Westbrook is suing fellow vlogger Katie Joy over alleged defamation!

There is significant YouTube legal drama brewing , y’all of…

Beauty ace Tati Westbrook is allegedly having a fellow YouTuber termed Katie Joy for defamation following her video station with no Crystal Ball lately covered another suit where Westbrook is supposedly involved. Currently, Westbrook’s legal group is claiming continuing coverage by Joy is defamatory, plus they have brought suit from her.

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It started to come to your head once Joy printed a vlog past Wednesday where she reported to the accusations between Tati along with her spouse James, in their prior business partner Clark Swanson. The latter has alleged several financial misdeeds from the set, allegedly some containing Tati’s favorite eyeshadow palette along with a company arrangement supposedly gone wrong.

Joy himself gave the rundown on such litigation — along with some other alleged authorized maneuvers where James was included — at that 34-minute movie (under ) which was released late :

Not a complete week after, Joy returned to record that the couple had been supposedly depriving her for defamation, as a consequence of the reporting that the Minnesota native had completed for her YouTube station!

Within an alleged statement published last week to her since-deleted Twitter accounts, Joy told followers whom she hadn’t yet been served at the lawsuit, which seemingly alleges”psychological distress and defamation” at its heart. Click through (under ):

TODAY IN”WHO COULD’VE SEEN THAT COMING?” : Tati Westbrook is supposedly suing YouTuber Katie Joy from With No Crystal Ball for defamation. Katie claims litigation is due to her reporting about the Westbrook’s several suits. Pic.twitter.com/NggPBEmS5P

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A hyperlink to the criticism itself was also published to societal networking through a DropBox download, since it is possible to see here:

This is a hyperlink to the Complaint which has been filed yesterday.

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Based on ONTD, the Westbrook’s lawsuit against the YouTuber lists at 114 cases of her supposedly”saying her negative remarks concerning Tati along with James as reality” throughout her on-air sections.

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Not amazingly, YT play stations are having a field day on this information, reporting and reporting about it a bit on the weekend.

Here is a rundown of this complete legal drama involving the cosmetics genius and also the YouTube vlogger, such as a clip in which Joy says her own attorney consider the lawsuit to become”meritless” in its own accusations:


After her Twitter deactivation, Joy delivered a warning to alternative YouTube founders on Instagram (under ), writing in component:

“anybody gloating or behaving above me just remember if you’re making videos just like that I do and pay comment, this may and may happen to youpersonally. Just as it has not happened yet — does not indicate it won’t. But be careful what you pay — severely. There are a good deal of wealthy individuals on YouTube that invest a good deal of cash to maintain younger founders silent”

Well then…

This is Joy’s complete IG message, published late Sunday night:

Katie Joy shows about her choice to step off from Twitter for now being (c) Katie Joy/Instagram

Today it seems she has done referring to the lawsuit publicly — that is probably a intelligent idea for most parties involved.

Reactions, Perezcious subscribers?  What do U think about this newest YouTube play? Why are Tati and James actually the villains here as decorated from these mysterious reactions along with allegations? Or was this kind of suit just waiting to take place??

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