Tamera Mowry has not seen her twin at six months

Tamera Mowry hasn't seen her twin in six months

Tamera Mowry has never observed her twin sister Tia in six weeks.

Tamera and Tia Mowry

The 42-year old celebrity and Tia haven’t seen each other in person for at least half a year, even using coronavirus limitations retaining them apart.

Tamera – that starred alongside Tia from the sitcom’Sister, Sister’ – informed’Entertainment Tonight’:”I haven’t seen her, physically.

“that I reside in Napa after which there was a spike in LA, and when we were going to venture therethere was a spike in L.A. also it was not wise for every one of us to move there… we all were planning to match up, [Tia’s] functioning ‘Family Reunion’ and also the moment, it did not get the job done. However, I know for a fact once we see each other we are just, we are gonna shout.”

Back in March, Tia confessed to feeling emotional about being separated from her sister throughout the pandemic.

She did, however, disclose they had been connected with one another through Zoom.

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She shared:”Every two weekswe tug every other and people have happy hour. We’ve got a glass of wine, and we all speak about what’s already been occurring. I meanwe text nearly every other moment.

“However there is something about seeing your beloved one, however there is something much better, of course, only the human link and signature — and kiss and that I’m just… I can not wait to do this.”

Tamera also confessed she and her sister haven’t been apart for so long ahead.

The TV superstar said:”We have been mapping out it. We have really been like,’You know, it has been like, half a year ‘

“And it stinks, as using COVID, and if you are working on a group, they’re so special. It is similar to a sword team now, therefore it is mad.”

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