Tamar Braxton’s Ex David Adefeso Releases Statement In Response To Braxton Family

Tamar Braxton's Ex David Adefeso Releases Statement In Response To Braxton Family

Tamar Braxton’s Ex David Adefeso Releases Statement In Response To Braxton Family

When things appeared to be warming up between the David Adefeso along with also the Braxton sisters, Tamar Braxton’s ex might have only cooled down things based on that which his rep has already reported.

In accordance with the Blast, a rep for David Adefeso stated,

“David wants the Braxton family nothing but the very best and has moved from that ordeal more powerful.”

He lasted,

He is centered on justice for Nigeria (sars) and discharging his own program, Sootchy, which will address prosperity disparity and help decrease instructional debt in minority communities”

It includes after social networking messages have been shipped by Tamar Braxton’s senior sisters, Toni Braxton and Towanda Braxton hammering the Nigerian-born businessman. Before this past week, Toni composed:


You Weasel…you Ferret…You’re beyond contempt.  Yet more, DO NOT contain my kids on your SHENANIGANS.  Please leave my loved ones ALONE!

Towanda subsequently reacted:

Towlanda afterwards followed with a movie giving a bit more clarity to the scenario supporting Toni’s abrupt tweet. She explained,

“Yes Toni’s fine. She is just very pissed off in David because all of us are. We do not value or consent or condone the manner he’s managing the circumstance. It is even more peculiar than you men can also envision… For Toni to say to place it on social networking, cause you know she never does something similar to this, you know he has gone far too much.”


It was not much more that Tamar herself chimed in.  She originally followed the internet commotion and subliminally tweeted that a line from Jay Z’s“Family Feud” tune:

“nobody wins if the family feuds”

Fans of Tamar were eventually able to listen in the singer once she submitted a voice notice entirely fixing the problem between her sisters as well as David.  She started by thanking her loved ones, stating:

“I love my loved ones all of a sudden talking up for me personally”.

She stated that their connection was not terrible and he had been a”amazing parter” and stepdad for her son Logan. Tamar also states he is not a clout-chaser and did not need to be on TV.

Finally however the”Love & War” singer claims she would like to

“to cure independently”.

Watch the clip.

Currently that David allegedly desired the household , do you believe the family will quit feuding? Share your ideas together.