Tahar rahim is Charles Sobhraj on BBC Drama, The Serpent

charles sobhraj in netflix drama

Tahat Rahim in BBC Drama

Netflix has already chosen the leading actor who would enact the role of Charles Sobhraj in forthcoming BBC Drama. The upcoming series, namely The Serpent, will revolve around one of the most famous serial killers around the world, Sobhraj

By the looks of it, Netflix is going to helm the role of one of the integral co-producers of the series. On the other hand, the streaming giant, Netflix is making sure that the series will take place in the United States. Moreover, Netflix will also invest in moving production to different countries around the globe.

The audience will finally see the real-life story of Shobhraj

Tahar Rahim is ready to portray the role of one of the greatest con-men in the world as well as a serial killer. The series will depict the person who did discover Sobhraj during the mid -70’ in Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Shobhraj is also famous for escaping prison for more than twice.

During an interview, Rahim said that he is happy to be cast in the role for portraying Sobhraj. Moreover, Rahim also said since early childhood, he dreamt of being a part of the story of a movie or a series concerning Charles Sobhraj. From a very tender age, Rahim has read a lot of books about Charles Sobhraj. According to Rahim, he is very happy to be a part of the series that will feature Tom Shankland as the director. Toby Finlay and Richard Warlow are the writers of the film.

Netflix and BBC present The Serpent

According to the sources, the series comprises eight different episodes which Warlow is going to write. The series will follow the story of Sobhraj as to how people caught him and put him on trial. Piers Wenger, the BBC drama controller said that they are incredibly happy to cast Tahar Rahim as the lead.

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