T.I. Confirms Drake had been Urinated About In New Song

T.I. Confirms Drake Was Urinated On In New Song

T.I. Confirms Rapper Drake had been Urinated In New Song:”Therefore Drunk At LA, End Up Pissin’ About Drake”

Rapper T.I. (actual name Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) is showing some secrets to his newest album!

On Friday, October 17th, T.I. (40)  published his brand new record called”The L.I.B.R.A”, yet, it is the song”We Can It Large” containing John Legend that is making headlines. 

From the tune, although T.I. reminisces about opinions of friends who’ve passed, he also affirmed that his buddy Terrance’Cap’ Beasley urinated on rapper Drake after an altercation. He also raps:

“Fifth of Hen’ into the surface, a complete match in your waist

Caught an individual human body, spent countless appealin’ your situation

While I am fightin’ my very own somehow got you house

promptly drunk in LA, wind up pissin’ around Drake, sh*t

F**K , that is still my brother because back from the trap home.”

What creates the lyrics so bothering, is that they supposedly confirm a rumor which has been initially introduced with rapper Meek Mill at 2015.

Back when Meek Mill and Drake were battling, Meek Mill alleged that the urination scandal from the tune”WanId Know”. From the outro,” Meek withdrew the jab stating:

“You allow Suggestion homie suck you at a film theatre n***a, and we all do not neglect

Actual n****s back in fashion this **t will be lit up

This Ja Rule s**t and 50 Cent”

Reportedly the episode occurred over the course of a screening for its 2010 Picture” Takers” which included T.I.. The rapper’s buddy Cap allegedly turned into a verbal altercation with all the 6 God rapper along with his group and at any stage urinated about the rapper.

Cap was murdered in prison 2019.

Neither T.I.,” Meek Mill, or Drake have mentioned anything on interpersonal media concerning the episode.


The L.I.B.R.A record is your 11th studio album published by T.I.. The name not only signifies his zodiac sign but is also an acronym for”Legend Is Back Running Atlanta”. The record also includes two distinct singles,”Ring” and”Pardon”, including independently Young Thug and Lil Baby,

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