Swiss Justice warns UEFA saying no Sanction possible


Big news coming in from European football as Swiss justice warns UEFA and FIFA about the impossibilities for sacking European Super League creators.

Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid faced severe criticisms from the UEFA and FIFA representatives regarding the creating of ESL.

European Super League went against the UEFA norms, hence the league threatened to BAN the creators for at least 2 years and impose fines.

But the issue has taken a sudden turn in favour of the 3 clubs.

Swiss Justice says sanction against 3 clubs impossible

UEFA has their head office in Nyon, Switzerland. And the Swiss government has recently announced that enforcing a BAN on Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus seems impossible.

According to Swiss Minister of Justice informed UEFA and FIFA that they cannot impose biased punishment for creating their own league. Although the Spanish Commercial court in Madrid has already said the exact same things in their verdict, the Swiss court just adds their confirmation.

The Swiss Judge, Manuel Ruiz de Lara asked UEFA and FIFA to explain their possible abuse of their dominant positions in European and World football.

ESL Creators to remain united against injustice

Well, it’s true that UEFA and FIFA have the right to organize and execute top football competitions throughout the year. But this doesn’t imply their monopoly in Europe.

European Super League was certainly created to make a good business out of it. According to the creators, they require money.

Hence, one question remains as to what is more important for football? Money or passion? The saga will continue.