Sweet and Sour ending explained – An Epic Tale of Love and Tragedy

Sweet and Sour ending explained - An Epic Tale of Love and Tragedy
Sweet and Sour ending explained - An Epic Tale of Love and Tragedy

Directed by Lee Gye-byeok, Sweet and Sour is a South Korean romance movie that recently got added to Netflix. The movie starts off as a light-hearted romance but later turns into an enveloping mystery. As usual with Korean movies, it keeps the audience blind and when the curtains open, the audience just stays still in awe as the big reveal hits. Such is the story of Sweet and Sour which discusses the elements of love and tragedy.

It is a story of Da-eun who works as a nurse in a hospital and is taking care of a patient named Lee Jang-Hyuk. He has contacted Hepatitis B and she’s the only one who constantly looks over him. After his discharge, their bond becomes even more closer and they become romantically involved. After this, we are thrown into a series of events that at first seem regular.

However, when the end plot reveals itself, the story becomes convoluted and succeeds in deceiving the watchers. So what exactly happened in the ending that blew moviegoers away? Let us find out in this Sweet and Sour ending explained.

Sweet and Sour ending explained - An Epic Tale of Love and Tragedy
Sweet and Sour ending explained

How Da-eun and Lee Jang Hyuk Became Close

Da-eun was consistently taking care of Lee Jang Hyuk. Even so, his own family remained distanced, it didn’t prevent Da-eun from looking over him. Later on, they start a relationship and Lee Jang Hyuk reduces his weight so that the couple can wear matching outfits. Da-eun gets a ticket to Jeju island and the couple decides to visit.

What Happened Afterwards?

Now, this is where tricky things start to occur. We are directly brought into a new sequence where we see Da-eun and Lee Jang Hyuk in the house with a seemingly happy relationship. Now at this point, viewers aren’t aware of the fact that this Jang Hyuk is different from the one we saw earlier.

Furthermore, this event is taking place in the past. But since their names are similar, the movie successfully ensures that viewers don’t get a hint of the suspect.

How Did Relationship Between Couple Become Worse?

Jang Hyuk found a job in a big city and had to work overtime. He wasn’t able to spend time with Da-eun which distanced the relationship between them. Furthermore, he grew closer to his colleague Bo-Yeong and some sexual tension started building up between them.

At first, they were always conflicting against each other, but as things moved forward, they became close. One night they kissed and hence romantically became involved.

How Did Relationship Between Couple Become Worse?

Now Jang Hyuk was in the dilemma. He had Da-eun at home with whom her relationship was getting worse day by day. On the other hand, his interest in Bo-Yeong was growing even more. The news of Da-eun’s pregnancy and her abortion was probably the final nail in the coffin as he decided to separate.

Sweet and Sour ending explained – Did Jang Hyuk Reconcile With Da-eun?

On a night of a party at his work, Jang Hyuk remembered about his ex and decided to meet her. She was at the airport ready to depart to Jeju island. He still believed she was waiting for him and reached the airport. Da-eun started waving at him and he started running towards her. However, he bumped into Lee Jang Hyuk and this is where both timelines intersect. He finally realized Da-eun has already found someone else.

In the end, desperate Jang Hyuk proposed to Bo-Yeong but even she rejected him. Jang Hyuk had a sour ending while Da-eun and Lee Jang Hyuk tasted the sweet love.

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