Susan Sarandon Claims Cher Stole Her 'Witches of Eastwick’ Role

Susan Sarandon Claims Cher Stole Her’Witches of Eastwick’ Role

Lady Susan Sarandon maintained Cher stole her function at the 1987 movie The Witches of Eastwick.

“I originally was throw in Cher’s role, and did not find out until I need to [Los Angeles] — since I had been residing in Rome — which I was really moved to another area,” Sarandon, 74, stated while conversing with the movie’s screenwriter, Michael Cristofer, in accordance with New York Post’s Page Six. “I needed to learn unexpectedly to perform the cello, and that I had never played an instrument in my own life. They said they’d sue me when I left, so that I did not have a lot of option!”

Cristofer additional,”Cher form of muscled her way in that part”

The group talked about their experience to the movie’s group before L.A.’s Project Angel Food hosts a Witches of Eastwick”house brewing celebration,” Page Six noted.  The Stepmom celebrity played Jane from the traditional film although the Goddess of Pop looked as Alex. Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer also starred in the film, according to the 1984 book of the identical title by John Updike.

Regardless of the initial confusion with their functions, Sarandon remembered committing Cher”a sock and dress” for a single scene by Nicholson.

Sarandon also appeared back to her career and also demonstrated she turned down a part in The First Wives Club, but never watched the film!

“[It] ended up earning a great deal of cash. It starred all amazing ladies, who had been getting revenge in their ex-husbands, at the script which I obtained, by being speaking to other ladies,” she remembered.  “And I was like… who wants that, you understand? I do not need to maintain something where girls are ripping other ladies.”

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