Survive the Game Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?

Survive the Game Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?
Survive the Game Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?

Directed by James Cullen Bressak, Survive the Game is a thriller movie produced by BondIt Media Capital, Buffalo 8 Productions, and Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films. It stars Bruce Wills and Swen Temmel in the lead roles while Chad Michael Murray, Zack Ward, and Michael Sirow take the supporting roles.

The movie takes place on a single day where two officers Cal and David bust a drug racket. However, they soon become part of a cat and mouse chase with their ultimate goal to survive. Survive the Game throws some interesting curveballs that keep viewers invested in the movie. Let’s talk about Survive the Game ending explained and find out if David and Cal survived the day.

Survive the Game Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?

Survive the Day Plot

David and Cal are two detectives who are trailing two drug peddlers Mickey and his girlfriend Violet. While following them, they witness the peddlers enter a warehouse to make a deal. Just at that moment, the duo of detectives surprises them with an attack.

Soon, the place becomes riddled with bullets as both parties fire at each other. In the encounter, David gets shot and Cal assumes his dead. Peddlers manage to escape and enter the house of an ex-military man named Eric.

Meeting Eric

Cal chases the couple to the house. Over there, he tries to attack Mickey, however, he keeps Eric hostage to sway him away. Cal prioritizes saving the life of Eric and takes him away to hide in the bushes.

With the road slightly clear, Mickey contacts his boss Franky. Frank’s boss Michael seems to share a history with David. When he learns about him, he informs his subordinates to treat his wounds and not let him die until he arrives there.

He also orders his men to look for Cal. Frank reaches the farm and starts looking for him. Just like that, it’s Cal and Eric’s game to survive and get away from Michael and Frank.

Survive the Game Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?

Survive the Day Ending Explained – Did David and Cal Survive?

Cal and Eric have a chat and they immediately form a bond together. Eric informs Cal that he was a former military man and he suffered an injury in one of the incidents in Iraq. To live a peaceful life with his daughter Hana, he decided to buy his farm. However, she too passed away in a car accident, hence he has nothing else left.

He decides to pick up arms again help Cal take rid of the peddlers. Cal shoots down some of Frank’s men in the bushes and starts retaliation. He then kills Mickey in the encounter when gets his girlfriend Violet furious.

After Michael arrives at the farm, he hears nagging from Violet. In annoyance, he kills her. He then goes to kill David, however, David shoots a vehicle beside him which explodes. Cal then shoots down Frank and Cal takes Michael into custody.

In the end, Eric’s house turns into shambles. However, he doesn’t have any regrets as he helped the good guys arrest drug peddles. What are your thoughts on Survive the Game? Share your opinions on the movie with us down below. For more content like this, make sure to follow us on social media.

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