Barcelona believes Super League can solve the Financial Crisis

Barca Super league
Barca Super league

News from European football as 10 teams back out from proposed European Super League; Barcelona and Real Madrid still believe in the ESL Project.  

Real Madrid President Fiorentino Perez planned a League with top teams across top leagues around the world. The League attracted several criticisms from FIFA and UEFA.

The associations believed that it’ll hamper the prestige UEFA leagues. Because top teams will play each other instead of waiting for years to meet in UEFA Champions League.

TEN teams backed out due to fear of Losing Fans

Six Premier League clubs like Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham already backed out from the league.

Inter Milan, Juventus, AC Milan lost their trust in the new project. Several fans protested against the new league, as it will make rich clubs richer. And eventually, destroy the excitement of football.

Atletico Madrid backed out from the League as well.

Barcelona and Real Madrid believes in the Potential of ESL

Former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu agreed to the new project with Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez. Joan Laporta also believes that European Super League can stabilize the financial crisis of the clubs.

American finance powerhouse JP Morgan agreed to invest for the initial setup; which could’ve made each participating club earn €300 Million.

Barcelona and Real Madrid plan to make more necessary changes with consideration of UEFA and FIFA.

Still, the clubs are suffering from the financial crisis, with the help of €300 Million, participating clubs can increase their quality and transfer potential. It might solve their financial crisis.

It has been more than a week, the super league is shaping out with lots of comments from the different parts of the world. As a football fan, the super league will spoil the football culture but in the view of team management, in this COVID Situation, all the top leading clubs will stub with the financial crisis. Getting the participation amount of €300 Million and the winning amount will strengthen their position.