Sun God Nika – Origins, Lore, and Everything We Know Yet

Sun God Nika - Origins, Lore and More
Sun God Nika - Origins, Lore and More

In One Piece chapter 1044, we learned a few things about the Sun God Nika and the devil fruit which is based on him. The fruit eaten by Luffy isn’t Gomu Gomu No Mi but Hito Hito No Mi – Model: Nika. With this, the lord of One Piece has just gotten even wider.

We first heard about Sun God back in the Skypie, in Noland’s flashback. As for Sun God Nika, we only heard about him recently through the mouth of Who’s Who while he was facing off against Jinbe. Let’s discuss what we know about Sun God Nika now from its origins and significance in the story.

Sun God Nika - Origins, Lore and More
Sun God Nika – Origins, Lore and More

Sun God Nika – Origins

The Sun God Nika is one of the four gods that were first mentioned in the Skypie arc. During the flashback of Noland, we saw that people were being sacrificed to prevent the deaths that were happening in the village.

They were being sacrificed to Sun God, but the name Nika isn’t mentioned in it. It is possible that Sun God mentioned in Skypie and Sun God Nika are completely different entities, however, that possibility is pretty slim.

Apart from Sun God, there’s a god of the moon, rain, and forest. While we don’t know about the other three, some characters might possess devil fruits with those abilities. Blackbeard could very well have a fruit that represents the God of the Moon.

As for God of Rain, Dragon could possess that fruit since his power has been hinted towards that region. As for God of Forest, we are yet to see anything about it in the series. So for now, it is safe to assume that there are devil fruit users who represent god in One Piece.

Sun God Nika - Origins, Lore and More
Sun God Nika – Origins, Lore and More

How Did Luffy Become Sun God?

Oda has laid down several hints throughout the series, depicting the connection between Luffy and Nika. First in the Skypie during the fire camp, the silhouette of Luffy exactly depicts that of Nika, though, we only learn it in the Wano arc.

As for Luffy’s devil fruit, where to start about it. We all thought that it was one of the most useless abilities in the world of One Piece, but it turns out that it is the most ridiculous ability. The only limitation is the imagination of the user himself.

From the beginning, Luffy has been using some weird gears in his attacks and fans haven’t much questioned about how he has been able to pull it now. However, now everything makes sense after we’ve learned about the true nature of the fruit.

The rubber body isn’t just limited to utilizing the properties of rubber. Luffy can transform his body into anything he desires and stretch and inflate himself. Because of this, there are countless possibilities for Luffy to win in combat and he has no obstacles in his path.

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