Drama Explodes in Summer House as Kyle Labels Lindsay a ‘Master Manipulator’ While Amanda Breaks Down in Tears

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

When a game of Stir the Pot “felt personal” to Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke dubbed Danielle Olivera “essentially a mouthpiece” for Lindsay Hubbard, raising the stakes between the two players.

Kyle Cooke called Summer House co-star Lindsay Hubbard out for creating a tense situation with his wife Amanda Batula.

The creator of Loverboy, 40, had some harsh words for Lindsay, 36, on Monday’s episode when Danielle Olivera, her closest friend, revealed she didn’t trust Amanda in the game “Stir the Pot.”

You can’t trust me, can you? I’m a curveball.” Amanda, 31, questioned. The 34-year-old Danielle said that she “can’t see what’s ahead” with Amanda.

Kyle and Lindsay then interjected, requesting further information from Danielle. Let’s unpack it, remarked Lindsay in particular.

Amanda had reached her breaking point, and even as Danielle questioned the tears, she began to cry.

Amanda was comforted by Lindsay when she said that the trust issues didn’t “have to be unpacked as a group.”

But, Amanda seemed to become even more incensed and responded, “Yes, let’s corner me as an individual and unpack it.” The other females followed her as she abruptly exited the room in order to see how she was doing.

Yeah, my heart was hurt by it. I was offended because it seemed personal, but Amanda apologetically informed the gathering.

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

Back in the living area, Danielle clarified her meaning as the cameras cut away.

The twist, according to Danielle, is that occasionally Amanda will completely alter her tune, even if sometimes I feel like Amanda is a friend of Lindsay’s and a friend of mine.

You can’t bring anything up to her because this is how she reacts every time you attempt to speak to her, Lindsay continued.

Then Ciara Miller said, “Has something particular happened?”

“Are you kidding me?” sneered Lindsay. They claim I’m financing her business and manipulating my partner, for whom I’m now sober (well, not now, but was). The things she’s said are so f—-ed up, Lindsay said.

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Ciara made the statement, “But that’s also you and her,” and then inquired as to Danielle’s issue with Amanda. There are so many tensions and undertones. I just can’t figure out why,” said Danielle.

Ciara chastised Danielle in a confessional for just agreeing with Lindsay’s opinions: “I mean, come on, Danielle. You should be attending to your own affairs, but Lindsay is now piggybacking.

“You simply keep finding yourself trapped in their garbage time and time again. Well, you don’t have to fight every war, she continued.

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

In an attempt to support Amanda, Ciara remarked to Lindsay, “She said she’s accepted the idea that you guys might not ever be best friends, but at least trying to co-exist, but she feels like she’s trying, but she never gets away from where.”

“She makes no attempts. I worked so hard, and I still had to put up with her bullying me? Presenting Lindsay.

“Hey, you know what, Linds,” she said, “why not come and say, ‘Hey, you know what, she has an f—-ing problem? I think we ought to discuss this. My spouse and your serious boyfriend collaborate. She responded, “You polluted him,” instead. He is my employee.”

Lindsay interrupted Ciara before she could say anything further, saying, “No one has ever come up to me and said, ‘Hi Linds. What do you think about this? Just let me know how I feel.

Every action I take is improper. I’m the incorrect one because I date him. At work, he speaks out for himself, and I’m to blame. Amanda says everything I do is my fault,” she said.

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

In the meantime, Kyle told co-star Mya Allen that he was angry over the circumstance: “Man, I’m just so f—-ing over this s—-.”

Kyle instantly said, “No, I’m trying to find Amanda, and I don’t know where she f—-ing is,” when Mya asked whether he was okay. My life is simply becoming f—-ing more difficult because of Lindsay.

Danielle just made the remark, so why are you concentrating on Lindsay right now? questioned Mya, 30.

Sincerely, I believe Danielle to be a little more than a mouthpiece. That’s how I felt over the weekend, Kyle answered.

Amanda said, “Literally, this has been the past seven years of my f—-ing life, and it’s continually, ‘I don’t have a problem with you,'” as she passed Lindsay and the others on her way to her bedroom. Over it. You don’t have an issue with me.

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

When Amanda finally caught up to Kyle, she said, “Man, I’m not doing this. I’m through.

Kyle said, “F—- Lindsay,” and Amanda said, “I don’t care.”

He responded, “No, I’m sick of this bulls—-. But, Amanda firmly declared, “I’m over it. I’d rather not deal with it.

Danielle, like Carl at the moment, is surrounded by Lindsay. Like a saber-toothed tiger, she is. Before leaving his crying wife in bed to reprimand Lindsay, Kyle stated, “I’m going to lose my head.

Danielle said to everyone when she returned to the living room, “I didn’t plan to really stir this entire pot the way that it did. The absurdity of Danielle’s comment considering the nature of the game was then pointed out by Lindsay in jest.

Kyle answered Danielle directly when she asked him why Amanda was crying: “You said you didn’t trust her,” he remarked as she caught his glance out of the corner of her eye.

That wasn’t intended to represent a gunshot wound, but Danielle added, “I’d want to talk to Amanda more honestly.”

Summer House: Kyle Slams 'Master Manipulator' Lindsay as Amanda Sobs

Afterward, Ciara made an effort to make things peaceful by bringing Lindsay into the discussion. Ciara said, “And clearly you want to talk to Amanda too,” pointing to Lindsay.

“I do. A few months back, I contacted her about how I felt,” Lindsay said. Kyle, though, questioned if she really did. Kyle clarified, “Because she apologized and you simply never answered,” when Lindsay acknowledged that she had.

After cautioning his friend about his girlfriend, he went to face Carl Radke, 38, Lindsay’s boyfriend, saying, “And I love you dude. Take care with what you’re handling here.

You’re a superb manipulator, Kyle replied, turning back to Lindsay. She deserves better, my wife. She has f—-ing tried so many times with you. Hey, man, I don’t give an f—- anymore.

“People are unaware of Lindsay’s true self. She is a really wicked, cunning bitch. He said, “Good luck to my closest buddy because you’re an f—-ing maniac.

After hearing Kyle’s comments, Danielle snapped at Carl, telling him, “This is when you step up and say f—-ing something to him.”

Carl answered, “Let him just bury himself. Danielle vehemently opposed, saying, “No, I don’t believe you should sit there.”

Kyle continued to disparage Lindsay, adding, “My wife is the loveliest person ever, and when people who are true assh—-s and actual bitches get their way, it truly sickens me. I’m a psycho.

When Lindsay overheard him, she gave up and agreed with Kyle’s portrayal of her: “I’m the horrible person.”

Danielle was still screaming at Carl while she did this: “F—-ing stand up, and say something to him. He is acting like an f—-ing asshole.

Then Kyle stormed outside and yelled, “F—- everybody for giving Lindsay f—-ing Hubbard so much f—-ing power!” into the night sky.

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Bravo broadcasts Summer House every Monday at 9 p.m. EST.

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