Sturgill Simpson surprise releases dual record’Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1′

Sturgill Simpson surprise releases double album 'Cuttin' Grass Vol 1'

Sturgill Simpson has published a surprise double record,’Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1 — The Butcher Shoppe Sessions’ now (October 16).

The bluegrass record can be found on electronic platforms today with a plastic release set for December 11.

Simpson created the concept of the album when he had been recovering from coronavirus before this season. On this, he also reworks songs from throughout his career alongside”bona fide wizards” in the Nashville music scene.

“I had it in my head for a very long time that I want to cut as a number of these tunes as you can in this manner, just natural and stripped down into the bones of this article,” he explained at a media release. “In case you can not sit down and play with a tune like this, it is probably a fairly shitty song”


The tracklist for’Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1 — The Butcher Shoppe Sessions’ — that you are able to listen to over — is as follows:

‘Around You’‘All The Pretty Colors’‘Breaker’s Roar’‘I Do not Mind’‘I Wonder’‘Just Let Go’‘Life Ain’t Fair Along With The Planet Is Feeling’‘A Small Light’‘Life Of Sin’‘Long White Line’‘Living The Dream’‘Old King Coal’‘Length Of Sin’‘Sitting Here Without You’‘Occasionally Wine’‘The Storm’‘Time After All’‘Turtles All The Way Down’‘Voices’‘Water At A Well’

The list contains Sierra Hull on mandolin, Mike Bub on bass, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Scott Vestal on banjo, Tim O’Brien and Mark Howard on guitar, along with Miles Miller on percussion.

Simpson shared his positive test outcome for coronavirus in April, stating he’d been able to get medical attention for nearly a month. He also cited his symptoms as such as chest aches, fever and pre-stroke blood pressure levels but had been denied testing by physicians because he had been told he didn’t fit the standards.

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