Stranger Things Season 3 might have answers for Season 4

Strangers Things Season 3

Stranger things season 3

It is essential to note down that Stranger Things Season 3 is one of the best seasons so far. However, the Duffer Brothers did kill Hopper at the end of the season finale. But the real question is, will Hopper come back to life? After the Duffer Brothers finish the filming and put Stranger Things Season 2 for streaming on Netflix, they said that the third season would be the last season for Stranger Things.

Nevertheless, there is a highly likely chance that Stranger Things might return of Season 4. The final episode of Stranger Things Season three was epic, Billy finally came to senses and saved everyone, including Eleven.

There are a lot of clues that the creators have set up for 4th Season

James Hopper was not found anywhere as soon as the fireworks of the season finale began. As James is not found anywhere near the machine and there are no remains of him, he might be alive. There is another theory that suggests that Jim did live after the device was destroyed.

During the first three or four episodes, there were four people who did vaporize by the radiation. Jim Hopper might have transported to another dimension, just like Will. What makes people believe that Jim Hopper might be alive is the happening taking place in the mid-post credit scene.

Is Chief James Hopper still alive?

During the post-credit scene, the audience saw a couple of Russian guards heading towards a cell. One of the guards tells the other that they won’t take the American to the dungeon. According to Duffer Brother’s recent comment, if Season 4 would come into being then, the part of the American would play a crucial role in the plot.

There is a highly likely chance that the American is none other than, Jim Hopper. However, only the fourth Season would shed light whether Jim is dead or alive.

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