Steve Miles accused Peter Dutton of’lying’

Steve Miles accused Peter Dutton of ‘lying’

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles has accused Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of”lying” about the way Hollywood star Tom Hanks entered Australia to film a film.

The row began since the actor was awarded an exemption by Queensland’s rigorous boundary principles and entered the country by America on Tuesday night.

Hanks had contracted COVID-19 at Queensland when he had been filming a movie in March.

The star combined with 11 household, employees, cast and crew had been permitted entrance into Queensland a week thus filming of a Elvis Presley biopic, directed by Baz Luhrmann, would continue.

That did not sit well with Mr Dutton, that assaulted the Queensland authorities on Friday.

“If you’re Tom Hanks from California, then you’re OK,” he explained.

“If you’re Tom Hanks out of Chermside or even Castle Hill, sorry, you aren’t coming in, actually to your spouse’s dinner or your own dying girl.

“It’s simply unacceptable.”

However, Mr Miles hit on Saturday, saying that it had been Peter Dutton — that the government responsible for boundaries — who’d enabled Hanks’ entrance.

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“Non-residents arriving to Australia have to be allowed to return here by Border Force,” he explained.

“And what that signifies is that if Peter Dutton found that outstanding attack throughout the week, then he had been lying.

“He had been stating that it had been us let Tom Hanks in, if actually it had been his own division that allowed Tom Hanks in.

“I believe Peter Dutton simplifies our Premier and our primary health club an apology”

Tom Hanks as well as the abroad’ cast and team members are currently in resort quarantine about the Gold Coast in their own cost.

Hanks plays Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, at the big-budget film scheduled for launch at 2021.

Queensland has copped criticism against the Prime Minister and other government amounts for maintaining its borders closed with stringent principles — but allowing in Tom Hanks and the Elvis movie team, also 400 AFL personnel, families and executives.

Queensland primary health club Jeannette Young raised eyebrows on Thursday when she stated the ritzy Hollywood group and AFL players did not need to adhere to exactly the exact rules as everyone else as”we want each and every dollar in our nation”.

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“I’ve given exemptions from those in entertainment and movie because that’s bringing a great deal of cash within this country,” she explained.

Following that remark, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Sky News on Friday that he would understand why ordinary folks were frustrated that the rules did not apply to actors.

He even made the remarks after the tragic case of Sarah Caisip, that was not able to attend to her father’s funeral because she had been in resort quarantine in Queensland.

Ms Caisip was finally permitted to see her dad in his coffin but under police guard and with no family gift.

“I believe that is why folks have been frustrated now, when they visit double standards,” Mr Morrison said.

“Queenslanders are all fair-minded individuals. I understand, I am sure the huge majority of Queenslanders will encourage the boundary being set up. That is the reason why it is not about this… Queenslanders are extremely fair-minded individuals also, and I believe that is exactly what could offended themthe double standards which are there.”

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Mr Miles defended the primary health officer remarks on Saturday.

“I believe that the remark she had been making was that where we’re businesses which produce a significant financial participation, which help individuals in jobs, it is very important to work together to make sure they could continue to function as far as you can in an COVID-safe manner,” he explained.

“As she’s for funds, such as agriculture, such as cargo, for an entire broad selection of businesses”

The Department of Home Affairs was contacted for comment.

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