Steve Martin’s humorous coronavirus face hide hack

Steve Martin’s hilarious coronavirus face mask hack

Legendary funnyman Steve Martin has got the mickey from anti-maskers using a humorous addition to his coronavirus face hide.

The Father of the star, 75, declared on Twitter now — with tongue firmly in cheek — which wearing a mask had abandoned him”nervous and bemused”.

“I always wear a mask once I go outdoors. However, something about it was leaving me stressed and stressed. I thought about the issue, addressed , and this is the answer,” he wrote, along with a photograph of himself booted:

Whether professionally intended or a happy accident, Twitter shot the accompanying photograph accordingly Martin’s hack had been concealed — audiences needed to click the photograph to find the humorous jolt:

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Perfect. Martin trended on interpersonal websites as lovers shared with the humorous gag, one dubbing him a”human antidepressant”.

“Ok… Steve Martin comes with an option for all those who believe sporting a mask is shedding a little yourself…” tweeted star and rapper Ice T.”The Greatest : Mr Steve Martin,” said fellow comic Tom Arnold.

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