What Is Steve Mackey’s Actual Cause of Death? The Pulp Bassist Died at 56

Steve Mackey cause of death

Although the British rock band Pulp was founded in the late 1970s, their major break didn’t come until the Britpop period of the 1990s (think Oasis, Blur, and Suede). You can thank Pulp at least in part if you enjoy contemporary British bands like Coldplay and Travis.

With captivating indie-pop rock tunes like “Common People” and “Do You Remember the First Time,” Pulp sold more than 10 million records before announcing a decade-long break in 2001.

They made a comeback in 2011 and performed at festivals for a few years before releasing “After You” in 2013. After a decade, Pulp is getting ready to go on tour once more, but without longstanding bassist Steve Mackey.

Steve sadly passed away on March 2. Following, we look at what is currently known about the late musician.

What Caused the Death of Steve Mackey?

Steve Grand’s wife, Katie Grand, claimed that her husband had spent three months in the hospital despite the fact that an official cause of death has not been disclosed.

We are stunned and heartbroken to have bid goodbye to my bright, lovely husband, Steve Mackey, after three months in the hospital, battling with all of his power and resolve, Katie Mackey said in a March 2 statement that was shared with Steve’s Instagram account.”

Steve passed away today, leaving his son Marley, parents Kath and Paul, sister Michelle, and a large group of close companions all inconsolable.

She said, “Steve was the most gifted man I knew, a superb musician, producer, photographer, and filmmaker. In the many artistic disciplines he mastered, “as in life, he was adored by everyone whose paths he crossed.”

She commented, “I would want to convey my sincere gratitude to all NHS workers who fought diligently for Steve. “He will be terribly missed.

Katie’s statement was followed by a note stating that “the family has requested privacy at this time.”

On March 2, Pulp also paid respect to Steve by releasing a picture of him trekking in the Andes during a vacation from touring in 2012. The band said that Steve “made things happen”. “both in the band and in this life. And we’d want to believe that he’s back in those mountains right now, embarking on the next leg of his journey. Steve, have a safe trip. One day we want to meet up with you.”

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Who Is Katie Grand, Steve Mackey’s Wife? Who Is Marley, His Son?

In 2009, Steve wed Katie, a British fashion journalist and stylist who created Love magazine and the advertising firm Perfect.

Marley, Steve’s kid, is a product of a prior union. Marley and Jude Law’s son Rafferty played in a band named Dirty Harrys from about 2014 to 2016. It appears that Marley at one point followed in his father’s professional footsteps. Uncertainty surrounds the group’s continued unity.

An Incredible Legacy Is Left Behind by Steve Mackey

Steve, who joined Pulp in 1989, has produced songs throughout the years for a variety of artists, including M.I.A., Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, and the Long Blondes.

Steve stated on Instagram that he would be staying at home to “continue the work I’m engaged in — music, filmmaking, and photography projects” even though he wished Pulp luck, was “exceptionally proud” of the band, and was grateful for its devoted fanbase when the band announced in October 2022 that it would embark on a reunion tour in 2023.

After the news of Steve’s demise, both fans and musicians have expressed their sympathies on social media, including Noel Gallagher of Oasis, who tweeted: “Lad Mackey, be careful. One of the decent people was you. Huge Love. NGX.”

On Reddit, admirers discussed the musician’s influence and pointed out that he was one of the “underrated bass players” of the Britpop movement.

“Excellent producer. Someone to Drive You Home by The Long Blondes still has an intense, immediate vibe. RIP, “one admirer stated.

“When I go back to some of my favorite Pulp songs, I realize how important the bass sections are to their uniqueness. For instance, “Babies” or “Acrylic Afternoons,” “another penned.

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One admirer succinctly said: “Something about the Britpop era’s powerful bassline makes people yearn for simpler times. The song “Babies” is an excellent illustration of that. The deep bassline is so comforting that I could easily fall asleep while curled up in it. Good night, fella.”

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