Stephenie Meyer’s The Host: Why It Is Time To Get A Sequel Along With A Film Remake

Stephenie Meyer's The Host: Why It's Time For A Sequel And A Movie Remake

While Meyer is unquestionably most famous because of her take on vampire lore, The Host is her own twist about the science fiction genre, so which is (prop for this ) arguably more smart than the love between Edward and Bella. Meyer told The Guardian she expects it is the book she is probably remembered for. 

In a thick 600 webpages, the Twilight writer changed things up using a post-apocalyptic narrative focusing in an alien race called”Souls,” that have invaded Earth and put themselves within the body of individuals. The narrative centers around”Wanderer” or Wanda, that takes over the entire body of Melanie Stryder, a young lady that won’t allow Wanda create herself at home in her entire body. Let us discuss exactly what happened to The predominate and it’s time for the writer to revisit it later Midnight Sun.

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