Who Is Steelo Brim’s Girlfriend? Meet the Woman Who Stole His Heart!

steelo brim girlfriend

Sterling “Steelo” Brim is an American actor, presenter, and television personality. He is best known for co-hosting the MTV comedy series “Ridiculousness” alongside Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast. Brim has also appeared in numerous films and television programs, demonstrating his charisma and wit.

Who Is Steelo Brim’s Girlfriend?

He began dating his girlfriend, Alahna Jade, and the two are together to date. Brim began courting Jade immediately following his breakup with Walker. He did not disclose his girlfriend’s identity, but he hinted on social media that he was dating someone.

For example, on December 14, 2020, the comedian tweeted to his companion. During the viewing of The Way You Make Me Feel, he claimed he was trying to persuade his companion that Michael Jackson was a bully.

Throughout the next two years, he repeatedly alluded to his relationship before revealing Jade’s identity in March 2022.

He made their Instagram relationship official by posting a photo of himself kissing Jade in Times Square. “Baby had never been to Times Square, so I compelled us to take the cutest/corniest photo ever. Perfect result haha.”

Additionally, he tagged Jade, indicating that she was his fiancée. In July 2022, on her birthday, he posted on Instagram about his unending affection for her.

The post featured images of the couple, in which Brim wished his partner a happy birthday and referred to her as his queen, best companion, and best lover. He also thanked her for her unwavering support since they first met.

Together, they have no children, but Jade has a son from a previous relationship. Despite lacking a biological relationship with his girlfriend’s son, Brim has assumed a fatherly role.

Despite their explosive rapport, they have remained a couple and do not appear to be engaged. Nevertheless, they continue to attend public events, support one another’s businesses, and observe holidays together, indicating that their relationship is quite serious.

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Steelo Brim’s Engagement to Conna Walker’s Divorce

steelo brim girlfriend

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Steelo Brim is unmarried, but he has previously tied the union. Previously, he was involved with fashion designer Conna Walker. The couple began dating in 2015. After dating for some time, Steelo proposed to Conna in 2016 after one year of dating. In May of 2016, Steelo made their engagement official through a succession of deleted Tweets.

Since making the announcement, Brim and Walker have uploaded photographs to social media. Additionally, Brim was candid about his relationship with his betrothed. Once, they were observed exchanging sweet and romantic tweets. Numerous individuals believed that Brim and Walker would wed and live as husband and wife.

Due to their separation, this was not possible. Additionally, they deleted the majority of their social media posts that alluded to their separation in early 2020. Steelo quickly recovered from his sorrow and began dropping hints about his new girlfriend.

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