Starsector Mods: The Majority of Open-World Games Are Created by Small Firms.

starsector mods

Starsector is a pretty simple game for players to modify, just as the majority of open-world games are created by small firms.

The base game offers a tonne of activities, as any multi-genre game with an open globe should, but thanks to the vibrant community, there is also a tonne of ways to give the game some more character.

Ten of our favorite user-made Starsector mods are mentioned below.

Best Starsector Mods

Lazy Lib

Any game that is frequently modified has at least one mod like LazyLib. It is the base mod, necessary for many other mods to function.

And this is widely considered to be the simplest mod to create your own mods with if you want to do so. Before tackling anything else, you should install this first.

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Terminal Commands

The Console Command mod, which presumably adds a developer’s console to Starsector, is another helpful one for players who have the desire to create their own mods.

It can be accessed by using the shortcut Ctrl+backspace. The package also comes with guidelines for implementing unique commands, which will aid you in getting started with game customization.


Starsector’s lack of an autosave feature is the only aspect of it that might be deemed contentious. After a battle that didn’t go your way, you might not notice it at first, but finding out that you haven’t saved in a while might be really irritating.

The Autosave mod adds an autosave feature to the game, as the name suggests However, you may also decide to merely allow the mod to warn you when you haven’t saved in a while if you’d rather keep doing the saving manually.

Uncharted Skies

Since no two maps are ever precisely the same, randomly generated games like Starsector have a huge replay value. However, after playing a randomly generated game a sufficient number of times, it does begin to seem somewhat familiar. In spite of their diverse designs, all maps use the same sources.

Because of this, mods like Unknown Skies are really helpful. Briefly stated, this mod increases the number of backgrounds and planet kinds by 30, which gives the maps a new sense of variety. Once you’ve finished the vanilla game enough times to be familiar with it, it’s a great alternative for adding some more replayability.

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Expansion of Arsenal

Since Starsector is a space simulation, players have access to a wide variety of spacecraft and tools. However, the Arsenal Expansion mod is fantastic for when the game’s (very huge) vanilla content has begun to seem a little too familiar, much like Unknown Skies.

In essence, this patch adds a wide range of new ships and weaponry that are compatible with the visual style and philosophical concerns of the original game. While you wait for the game to receive official updates, this extra content is a fantastic way to keep the game interesting.

Company Called Diable Avionics

Mods like these are to Starsector’s factions what Unknown Skies are to its planets and Arsenal Expansion is to its ships. As you are probably aware, Starsector offers a huge variety of factions, each with its unique history and characteristics.

The Diable Avionics Corporation, well, the Diable Avionics Corporation, adds another layer to this list.

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Typical Radar

To put it plainly, fighting in space is a difficult procedure. By including radar in your battle interface, the Common Radar addon chooses to simplify things a touch. It is a rather straightforward radar that carries out fundamental tasks including locating various objects like ships, missiles, and asteroids.

Along with identifying goals, it also delineates the map’s edge. It’s a very subtle feature to a game, but it can significantly alter the outcome of a particularly contentious battle

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