Stars you forgot were at Marvel Cinematic Universe films

Stars you forgot were in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is really a heavy monster filled with A-listers, Oscar winners and Bright Young Things.

There is a deep seat of celebrities which have known as the MCU house in the past 12 decades — you just need to sit down during the very long ending credits of Avengers: Endgame to shoot from the sheer quantity of titles which were in that film alone.

It requires three minutes and half an hour and 54 titles to move from Don Cheadle into Robert Downey Jr — also through more”ands”,”featurings” and also withs” than I have ever seen at a credits run earlier –“containing Bradley Cooper, including Vin Diesel, with Gwyneth Paltrow, with Robert Redford, together with Josh Brolin, together with Chris Pratt along with Samuel L. Jackson”.

From the, hats off to those needed to negotiate with everybody’s representatives concerning where the celebrities could land at the credits — that the simple fact that Tilda Swinton is your 23rd title to appear will be evidence enough that it is a bonkers roster.

However, with 23 films in the MCU series, up to now, and with delight brewing with just the Oscar winners at its own potential instalments (Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie and Mahershala Ali), it’s easy to overlook big names that have played in this sandbox, particularly if their films were in stages two and one.

As for each Downey Jr or even Johansson, there is a Chris O’Dowd or Guy Pearce — abandoned Marvel celebrities who called the MCU house, even only for a tiny while.


Liv Tyler has been Bruce Banner’s love interest Betty Ross in The amazing Hulk however she, together with everything except for William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross, has been hauled out by Edward Norton if Mark Ruffalo was recast as the jolly green giant.

In most of the Marvel retrospective movies and featurettes published around the time of this 10-year anniversary and Endgame, there’s slight correlation The amazing Hulk actually existed.

From the gargantuan 10-year course photograph, director Louis Leterrier and Hurt both composed, but nobody else, such as Tyler, Norton, Tim Roth and Tim Blake Nelson, was current.

Likelihood of yield: Doubtful awarded the purge.


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Rebecca Hall’s Iron Man 3 personality, bio-botanist Maya Hansen, was presumed to become a substantial villain personality which was intended to make it into the last confrontation rather than becoming randomly taken midway through.

Iron Man 3 manager Shane Black later disclosed that he was advised, unceremoniously, to decrease the personality because female superheroes do not sell toys.

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Black did not define this directive came out but it’s superbly the doctrine of former Marvel Entertainment Ike Perlmutter whose regressive approaches to female-led and diverse-led tales came to float between him and today Marvel Studios mind Kevin Feige.

Perlmutter is still the chairman of both Marvel however Disney finally eliminated him from some other positions of actual influence.

Likelihood of recurrence She deceased.


From spurned super-nerd to homicidal maniac, Guy Pearce’s Iron Man 3 protagonist, Aldrich Killian, turned up the temperature, till it backfired on him.

Interesting fact: Pearce formerly said in a meeting which Downey Jr was diverted by his own Birkenstocks through an essential struggle scene.

Likelihood of recurrence He deceased.


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Earlier Don Cheadle donned Rhodey’s War Machine irons, Terrence Howard had the tough job of attempting to maintain diehard playboy Tony Stark in check.

However, rumours of on-set anxieties along with also a bitter contract dispute found Howard fired earlier Iron Man 2. The story goes that it had been more than 24 hours between Howard’s representative telling Marvel to adhere it and Cheadle registering the dotted line.

Likelihood of recurrence About as likely as Ed Norton.


Poor Chris O’Dowd never stood a chance as Richard, a totally nice-seeming young guy trusting to courtroom Jane Foster. He also took her outside for a delightful meal at a restaurant with magnificent views over London.

Jane was clearly not over Thor and immediately forgot about Richard. Thus did O’Dowd, seemingly, who confessed up to a 2019 MTV interview.

Likelihood of recurrence: Not one.


A post-Tudors however pre-Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer had a little part in Captain America as Personal Lorraine Nolastname.

She attempted to seduce Steve Rogers from the underground warfare vine, going so far as to exchange her lips . It turned out to be a thankless character, made solely for Peggy to capture them and become covetous, confirming her fascination with Steve as a romantic partner.

Likelihood of recurrence She likely dead.


A demanding but honest US commanding officer in World War II, Colonel Chester Phillips has been Steve Rogers’ military manager.

Originally consisted of Rogers'”90-lb” framework, he moved on to honor Rogers’ guts, heart and forfeit. A photograph of him hangs at the SHIELD chemical of Camp Lehigh.

Likelihood of recurrence He deceased.


Stallone, Rhames and Yeoh all of cameo-ed at the next Guardians films as pioneers of their Ravager clans — also it had been teased they ought to work collectively.

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But it has been so long because that maybe James Gunn’s programs have changed?

Also, Yeoh is now in Sydney, having only completed her last-minute resort quarantine, which pops with the time of this restart of creation Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Six Rings.

Another hint is the Crazy Rich Asians co-star Awkwafina, who’s verified to maintain Shang-Chi, responded to Yeoh’s Instagram articles about quarantine with”I understand that your pain” while Simu Liu, who’ll play with Shang-Chi and has stayed in Sydney during the pandemic, composed”Nearly!!” .

Likelihood of yield: Yeoh, quite likely, but maybe as somebody else, others, 50/50.


The fearsome”Mandarin” was shown to be harmless and favorable out-of-work British celebrity Trevor Slattery, with a penchant for drugs and women.

Captured from Tony Stark and sent into Seagate prison, that he had been busted with a henchman of this actual Mandarin, that had been none-too-pleased to get his own title co-opted by older friend Trev and would prefer a note.

The Mandarin, from the comic book, is a personality responsible for the Ten music business, that will include in the forthcoming Shang-Chi film — well, presumably because the film is named Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Rings.

Likelihood of yield: Hoping to get a cameo (or at the very least a mention ) at Shang-Chi, if he is still alive.


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Olivia Munn afterwards squeezed into X-Men villain Psylocke’s purple, ribboned costume in X-Men: Apocalypse however she had a little role in Iron Man two as a TV reporter covering the Stark Expo.

We state little part rather than cameo since Munn was not anywhere near renowned enough in the time in order for it to have been cameo-status.

Likelihood of recurrence: Just as Psylocke at a upcoming MCU including X-Men.


Glover appeared as small-time crim Aaron Davis at Spider-Man: Homecoming at which he had been attempting to get weapons fostered by alien technology by Vulture’s team. Peter Parker afterwards tracked down him while he was loading searching into his vehicle.

Davis gave Peter Parker that the Staten Island ferry direct and a few sage tips how to become a better interrogator.

Likelihood of recurrence 50/ / 50 — Aaron Davis is your uncle of prospective Spider-Man Miles Morales (who referenced as being”a nephew”) and Glover is additional enmeshed in the Disney household after Lion King,” and when you’re in, you are in (unless you are Terrence Howard).

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The famous author, actor and director known for movies such as Before Sunrise and 2 seasons in Paris, Delpy appeared temporarily in Avengers: Age of Ultron since Madame B, as a guess in Natasha’s formative decades.

The stern Madame B looked in Black Widow’s psychedelic, Scarlet Witch-induced flashbacks for her instruction from the Russian Red Rooms, the breeding ground of Dark Widow assassins.

Likelihood of recurrence Unlikely, but quite outside chance in Black Widow film.


A former associate of the Experts of the Mystic Arts, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen had been the Big Bad of this Doctor Strange film.

Kaecilius became disillusioned with the Ancient One and also broke off, pursuing immortality inside the Dark Dimension. Doctor Unusual fulfilled his lifetime, but perhaps not in the manner Kaecilius envisioned, today stuck in a loop of anguish.

Likelihood to reunite: He drifted.


In 2007 and 2008, Ty Burrell played with two variations of the exact same character in different films, since the amiable-enough next wheel fans of their amorous interest into our hero.

Much like his National Treasure: Publication of Keys personality, Burrell’s ” The amazing Hulk role proved to be a great man, Leonard, that was relationship Betty Ross. Surehe was responsible for a tragedy by tattling for her dad but he was not overly bad.

Likelihood of recurrence He chucked.


Reputable to an aphorism or 2, Dr Abraham Erskine produced the serum that flipped Steve Rogers to Captain America.

moderate of soul, type of soul and prudent of thoughts, Dr Erskine’s advocacy to get Steve is exactly what gave Cap the encouragement he had. It is actually a pity a German Profession set some slugs in his or her He had been the very first MCU man that had Cap’s”avenging”.

Likelihood to reunite: He deceased.


Despite the toppings of Dangerous Liaisons, certainly seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close hasn’t needed a costume as great as her Nova Corps commander Irani Rael — oh, wait, and possibly her Cruella get-up.

Position around recalcitrant Kree ambassadors and standing company in conflict against Ronan the Accuser, however, Irani’s destiny was probably grim afterwards we noticed that Thanos was able to regain the Power Stone which she had been protecting on Xandar.

Likelihood of yield She likely dead.

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