Starbucks App: Starbucks’ App Is Down and Coffee Drinkers Are Freaking Out

starbucks app

Starbucks has positioned itself as a forerunner in terms of smartphone order. The Starbucks app held the top spot for a while before ApplePay overtook it in 2019. Through the Starbucks app, more than 30 million customers had placed coffee orders, and that number is still rising. They’ve obviously put a lot of work into this.

The Starbucks app is more than just a commercial triumph. It provides a lot of examples of excellent practices for ordering while on the road from the perspective of usability. I’ve placed more food orders on my smartphone in the last couple of years than ever before. Every time I’m frustrated, I tell myself, “Starbucks does it better,” to myself. When it comes to restaurant UX, their app has taken the top spot in my book.

I’ve been able to pinpoint seven places where the Starbucks app shines with it. Although these aren’t the only things Starbucks excels at, they are the ones I value most and that best sum up my experience with the app. These are the things you’ll see when firms want their customers to order on a smartphone, and other applications take notice.

Don’t Stress About Reloading

starbucks app

Every dollar you spend with a Starbucks gift card earns you two reward stars. Only receive 1 star for every dollar you spend if you use a standard credit card. Naturally, I desire double the benefits.

Your gift card will always be fully loaded thanks to the Starbucks app. Once you use less than a predetermined amount, the card can be configured to automatically reload. By doing so, you may place orders quickly, earn rewards, and never worry about having to enter payment card information (after the initial transaction).

This feature has been imitated by several brands, and with good reason. It guarantees that your clients have money to spend. Prior to using any materials, customers pay for their coffee at Starbucks. Naturally, companies like Dunkin’ want to copy this system.

Those looking to save money may find this function to be harmful. Without doing any of the labor often connected with spending money, you are making purchases. Up until the end of the month when you check your credit card balance, it nearly gives the impression that you are not paying.

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It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Find a Starbucks

It seems like there is a Starbucks somewhere. When I launched the program, the map revealed that to be the case

The Starbucks app will ask you to select a location when you begin placing an order so that you can pick up your ordered products there. You probably have a favorite place. If you don’t, the app will use your location to recommend a store nearby.

You’ll also notice a list of services offered when the stores appear up. Some locations feature drive-throughs, while others deliver to cars on the side. Starbucks will even notify you if there is a nearby location that doesn’t accept online orders. Once you become used to using the app, it becomes bothersome, but it does set the right exceptions and alert you when coffee is around.

Though hardly ground-breaking, the map fits in well. When placing an order, it appears, or you can simply browse destinations from the homepage. Additionally, it keeps track of your favorite and most recent locations. Usually, it already knows which Starbucks I want to go to before I start putting my order.

More individualized than ever

starbucks app

Before the app existed on my phone, I had no idea how many alternatives I had at Starbucks. Ordering a cup of coffee is very simple, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see how much more you can put in the cup.

I can see every change I could make to my drink using the app. I have the option to experiment with different amounts. You can find out how to make these modifications if you can scroll through a list.

This is like a hidden menu paradise and makes it easier for the barista to make a mistake. There are blogs and Instagram accounts devoted to “secret” Starbucks drinks, but in reality, these are just mixtures made with the ingredients listed on the app.

It’s helpful to be aware of all of your creamer or sweetener options, even if you’re not very adventurous. The menus behind the Starbucks counter never include these items, but the app makes it simple to browser add-ons. Once you’ve discovered the ideal combination, simply add the beverage to your list of favorites and indulge frequently.

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Is Starbucks’ App Ideal?

The Starbucks mobile app has several reasons to be praised. It can be used by customers to find stores, order coffee, and handle payments. It does a good job at all of its essential tasks, but that is not unexpected. Millions of people use the app every day, and it has improved over the course of the last ten years. Naturally, everything will go smoothly.

Although the app is designed to resemble Starbucks, it doesn’t fully replicate the atmosphere of entering the establishment. Spotify is integrated, so you can access some carefully prepared playlists. The community information is buried at the bottom of the home screen, along with news and events. Efficiency and order are clearly prioritized, not a sense of a coffee shop. Customers may rest assured that the barista would never spell their names incorrectly.

It can take a few uses of some of the vocabulary to become used to it. You “scan” the app, for instance, if you place an order in person but pay using the app while doing so. I feel like I should be pressing a “pay” button, but this is just a small annoyance. After all, I am aware of the “venti” drink order. It shouldn’t be too challenging to learn to translate “scan” to “pay.”

Although I wouldn’t describe this app as perfect, I do believe it has set the bar for mobile ordering. Other restaurant apps often copy its features, and its ease is unrivaled. Currently, there are roughly six applications that I routinely use to place food or beverage orders. The one that feels most natural is Starbucks. Everything appears to be in the right position, and the features work well with my phone. Maybe this explains why I appear to hold my coffee rather than my phone more frequently.

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