Star of “Love Is Blind” Bartise Bowden Welcomes First Child!

Star of "Love Is Blind" Bartise Bowden Welcomes First Child!

Bartise Bowden of Love Is Blind has finally discovered enduring love.

Friday on Instagram, the 27-year-old Netflix star announced the birth of his first child, a son.

“I may have played the villain on television, but I’ll be the hero for him. “Instagram, meet my little man,” Bowden, 27, captioned a slideshow of photographs and videos introducing his son to the world on the social media application.

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In one slide, the father and son are seen viewing golf on television while Bowden narrates for his child. “Are you prepared to witness your very first Tiger Woods golf show? As Woods drives the ball on the screen, he exclaimed, “Wow!” “Shall we see if he watches? There it goes, there it goes, there it goes, Tiger!”

In his post, the reality star did not reveal the identity of his son’s mother or his name. Representatives for Bowden declined to disclose the mother of the infant.

Bowden previously told Entertainment Tonight in November that he was “absolutely, unquestionably, unquestionably the villain” during his tenure as a Season 3 hopeful on the show.

“I looked like a dumbass, I looked egotistical. I looked callous. “I appeared selfish,” he said. “What it is, it is. I can only gain knowledge from this experience. I can only benefit from the experience.

Bowden connected in the modules with both Nancy Rodriguez and Raven Ross. Raven was ultimately engaged to Sikiru “SK” Alagbada, while he chose to propose to Nancy, 33. (Ross, 29, and Alagbada, 34, recently split for the second time.)

Outside of the containers, Bowden and Rodriguez encountered numerous obstacles, including Bowden’s confession that he was attracted to Ross. Despite the fact that their relationship appeared to be waning, the couple went through with their wedding. Ultimately, Bowden decided not to marry Rodriguez.

Bowden reflected on his time during the season, stating, “Watching it back was a blessing because when I was going through it, I did not have those feelings, but now I do.” Disgraced and humiliated. “Here is the criminal,”

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