No Rush To Leave PSG, stalwart to remain till 2024


News from Ligue 1 as Paris St. Germain will renew the contract of Julian Draxler, which will extend his stay from 2021 to 2024 in Paris.

PSG has dominated the Ligue 1 and other domestic competitions for few years now. And they’ll certainly make International tournament UCL a priority.

Hence, they remain focused in keeping their valuable assets in the team, for the next seasons as well.

Julian Draxler to continue at PSG

The 27 years old German will extend his stay at PSG for the rest of his Twenties. Julian Draxler joined PSG in 2017 from Bundesliga side VFL Wolfsburg.

He graduated from Schalke academy. Julian Draxler has certainly been an efficient player for PSG in their recent international success.

Since 2017, he has played 172 games for PSG, where he scored 24 goals and assisted 39 times. He has remained an important playmaker in the attacking midfield areas.

Julian Draxler has 56 appearance of Germany as well, where he scored 7 goals.  

Julian Draxler to continue at PSG

New contract for PSG players

Paris Saint Germain has recently talked about renewing Neymar’s contract soon. The Brazilian has already agreed to do so, along with several other players in squad.

The situation with Kylian Mbappe remains a major concern for PSG. He hasn’t showed any indication of continuing at PSG.

Mbappe has certainly been a Ronaldo and Real Madrid fan. And receiving offers from his boyhood club certainly deserves attention.   

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