Staff advocate city to take actions in reaction to Dundas Street request but state more appointment required

dundas street

City staff are recommending that a action has to be taken in response to your request calling for the vetting of Dundas Street however they state that additional public consultation will be required to determine next actions.

Virtually 15,000 individuals have signed a petition calling to the significant thoroughfare to be flashed light of Henry Dundas’s outspoken resistance to the abolishment of slavery in the British Empire at the 18twentieth century.

Since July personnel was considering four unique choices about the best way best to reply to the request, such as doing nothing, however at a report which will visit executive poll next week that they state simply ignoring it could”fail to cover the effect of the title on Spanish communities” and fall short of this”more balanced strategy” that’s justified for a town whose motto is”Diversity Our Strength.”

Therefore, staff are recommending the town tackle a more comprehensive public consultation process which will incorporate a closer assessment of their three remaining choices.

Those choices include things like renaming Dundas Street in addition to other city roads and town resources carrying the Dundas title, keeping the title but incorporating ceremonial road names along with other signage which will handle the heritage of Henry Dundas or keeping the title when assessing other city resources together with Dundas in its own title, including Yonge-Dundas Square.

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At the report, employees state that if Dundas Street were renamed doing this would take an estimated $3 million expenditure on account of the need to substitute 730 road signals and rename other community resources, such as three parks, and a public square and a Toronto Public Library branch.

They also state the decision may have a substantial effect on those 58 companies that take the road’s name.

“If these Toronto companies with the term’Dundas’ at the company title decided to alter the title of their organization, substantial costs will be deducted such as new logo design (roughly $20,000 to enroll intellectual property), advertising and advertising expenditures, in addition to fees to enroll a new company name,” the document cautioned.

Staff will report back early 2021

When preparing their report, personnel spoke with over a dozen professors about the heritage of Henry Dundas and reasoned that although he”was not any longer than a medium anti-slavery reformer” his movement to postpone the abolition of slavery whilst functioning as a Scottish Cabinet ministry”led to the perpetuation of this crime against humanity of enslaving human beings” and led to over half a thousand more Black folks being enslaved from the British Empire.

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They’re advocating that within this public appointment process that the town must review all its resources carrying the Dundas title and make sure that the”the voices, viewpoints, and also lived experiences of the Roman communities become front and center.”

They’re calling for a moratorium on the consideration of different suggestions to rename roads along with other civic resources before the review was completed.

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