Moment of Truth: Are MAFS’s Nate and Stacy Still Together?

stacia and nate still together

Nobody ever claimed it was simple to fall in love with a stranger on reality TV. Ask Stacia and Nate from Married at First Sight’s Season 15, who experienced their fair share of ups and downs leading up to Decision Day and even after.

So, after MAFS, are Stacia and Nate still together? Stacia was previously interviewed by Distractify in November 2022 to find out where she and Nate stood and whether or not the trip was worthwhile.

Season 15 begins with Stacia and Nate in a rather good place. They also probably have the finest chemistry of all the couples in the season while they are on their honeymoon. But they do run into some obstacles.

And even if Nate and Stacia agree on Decision Day, they still have problems to resolve later. As we’ve previously stated, “at first sight” love doesn’t always happen.

Are Nate and Stacia from “MAFS” Still Together?

stacia and nate still together

Distractify inquired as to Stacia and Nate’s situation in November 2022. She said that they were still wed at that time.

At the time, Stacia said, “We’re still trying to work through it, still trying to get on the same page. I believe that there is still a lot of affection even if we are still getting to know one another. And we’re still working to solve the problem. Being married is not simple. As you can see [on the program], we’re both quite stubborn, but we’re going to figure it out.

The situation has evolved since that interview, though. Nate is “no longer around,” according to Stacia, who also revealed that they are divorced, on the Married at First Sight Season 16 premiered special on 29 December 2022.


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During the program, Stacia said, “All that he agreed to do on the show was just words. “There was nothing to see. I waited a while. I hung on. I was tolerant. To give him more time to understand that I was devoted, I lived with him.

But even if their relationship as husband and wife didn’t work out, she said, she will always adore Nate.

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Stacia and Nate still have struggles in Season 15 “where are they now?

stacia and nate still together

Despite the fact that Nate and Stacia end their MAFS season together, they discussed fresh difficulties in the “where are they now?” special, which aired the week following the reunion.

Nate and Stacia discussed how their lack of communication caused them to live apart in the special.

Despite their Decision Day pact, Stacia even gave the idea of divorcing her spouse some thought during that particular event. They ultimately made the decision to resolve their issues and continue their marriage.

We now know that the couple chose to dissolve their marriage for the benefit of both of them not long after Stacia provided Distractify with a favorable update about it.

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It Was Challenging for Nate and Stacia to Move in Together.

There are indisputable difficulties that couples must overcome in every episode of Married at First Sight, particularly when they decide to live together after being married. The fact that Stacia and Nate were still residing in two different residences was a problem for the pair, as they disclosed in the “where are they now?”

Stacia acknowledged that “it’s not straightened out” just yet, but that they were both prepared to work through it when we questioned her about it.


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Nathan could gradually adjust to married life even though Stacia and Nate were already married since they still had two residences that they were living in separately.

Stacia told Distractify, “I still don’t want to, like, push him into something that he doesn’t want to do. I said, “I don’t care where we live. That’s okay since we’re going to have numerous homes regardless. I’m ok as long as we spend every day together.

Nate was given the time and distance he required by Stacia, but it was obvious that it wasn’t enough for the pair in the end. They are now another pair from Season 15 that broke up.

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