Squid Game’ Reality Show Contestants Make ‘Rigged’ Allegations Against Netflix

Squid Game' Reality Show Contestants Make 'Rigged' Allegations Against Netflix

The upcoming password-sharing regulation is causing Netflix enough grief already, but now there’s a new controversy on the horizon. Contestants on the next Squid Game reality TV have reportedly told Rolling Stone that the show was manipulated and made in “inhumane conditions.”

The success of the Korean drama of the same name inspired the creation of Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality television adaptation of the show’s popular games. There are $4.56 million at stake, and “456 participants” are vying for it. In its early stages of production, the show appears to be catching key elements of the streaming smash, as noted by Rolling Stone.

One former contender told the media, “It was just the cruelest, meanest thing I’ve ever been through.” “They were treating us like horses out in the cold, and the race was set, so it felt like we were in a human horse race.”

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Another player said to Rolling Stone, “All the anguish and trauma we suffered wasn’t due to the game or the rigor of the game.” They took on more than they could handle, which led to their downfall.

Before shooting began, the streaming reality competition touted the largest cast and cash reward in history. However, according to claims made to Rolling Stone, candidates were coerced into playing “Red Light, Green Light,” the notorious pilot game from the original series. According to the sources, the candidates played in a “cold airport hangar” for about nine hours, during which time they were “unable to move for 30-minute stretches” and “medics rushed to tend” to those who had become ill due to the low temperatures.

The past candidates cited NDAs with Netflix as the reason for their anonymity in Rolling Stone’s reporting. The publication contacted Netflix, and in response, the service pointed to an earlier statement regarding medical issues that occurred on set. The response from Netflix, Studio Lambert, and The Garden reads, “While it was really chilly on set — and participants were prepared for that — any accusations of major harm are incorrect.” “We have invested in all the necessary safety protocols because we care passionately about the health and safety of our cast and crew.”

To read the entire piece, head over to Rolling Stone. If the production achieves anything, it is that people will know Squid Game is not something that should exist.

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