Squid Game Meme with Desi Twists Will Leave You in Splits and More Updates

squid game meme

The Korean or Hallyu tsunami has been sweeping India for some time, but the current smash Netflix showSquid Game is at the forefront of it all. While the show’s concept is brutal, it has inspired some humorous memes from netizens who have come up with desi settings.

For its mind-boggling plot twists and captivating narrative, the Korean drama, which premiered in September, has become a fan favourite not just in India but throughout the world. The dystopian, Hunger Games-style survival programme, which was inspired by Korean children’s games, has sparked worldwide debate, capturing raw emotions of how far the “have nots” are ready to go for money.

Despite the fact that the programme, which took ten years to create, has many violent depictions and sorrowful situations, the memes are likely to elicit a lot of chuckles. From companies to popular video games like Assassin’s Creed, everyone is jumping on board.

Candy Memes from The Squid Game

squid game meme

The participants must cut a piece of Dalgona candy out of a tin without destroying the form in one episode. It’s not simple, but for some gamers, a smuggled cigarette lighter and some licking gets the job done.

More Squid Action

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It’s that time of year again for Squid Game Halloween costumes.

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One meme depicts the most difficult form to pull out, the notorious umbrella, with the statement “Law professors: The test won’t be that awful,” followed by the umbrella challenge.

“Me to the red dudes in Squid Game when I shatter the umbrella: Double or nothing?” stated another.

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Squid Game Before and After

Squid Game begins with a pleasant tone, telling the narrative of a father who is battling with tremendous debt while also being present for his kid. It’s difficult to foresee what the narrative is about or that it would take such a bizarre turn until hundreds of people die in the first episode during a game of Red Light, Green Light.

When the game is officially ended, all of the participants are dead save Gi-hun, who is understandably distraught and filled with remorse for the horrific things they did to each other during the Squid Game. Fans had a similar response to the finale, which revealed that many of their favourite characters had died and that there was little chance for a happy ending.

Who Is the Real Bad Guy?

squid game meme


There are plenty of characters to root for or against when you consider the numerous labourers and troops, as well as the game’s initial 456 players. Out of all of them, the programme concentrates on a chosen handful, with Player 101 or Jang Deok-su serving as one of the show’s antagonists and one of the show’s most dislikeable characters. He’s a typical evil guy throughout the game, cheating, stealing, and killing his way through each level. As a result, he’s one of the show’s most despised characters.

While Deok-su is the show’s official antagonist, the games subsequently expose Sang-woo to be the genuine evil guy—a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you will. He appears to be a kind man at first, encouraging Sang-woo to play and live, until his treachery is revealed when he betrays Ali and murders Sae-byeok. He’s gone so far off the deep end by the last round that some fans think he’s a worse villain than a murdering mobster.

What’s In A Name, Anyway?

squid game memeOne of the first questions for anyone who hasn’t seen the programme is why a show with a weird name like Squid Game is so popular. No one can guess the narrative from the name alone, which has resulted in some humorous memes like this one.

The majority of memes make fun of the title, assuming that the programme is about genuine squids playing a game. Some even include Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, while others show squids in unusual contexts, such as being used as weapons by fencers.

Ali deserved to be treated better.

squid game meme


Ali’s death in Squid Game is one of the most painful, as he is eliminated when Sang-woo outwits him and steals his marbles. Fans were outraged at Ali’s murder, not only because of Sang-treachery, woo’s but also because he was one of the show’s best characters.

He had a sympathetic past that made the viewer feel sorry for him, and he also spared Gi-hun from impending death in the first game. It’s no surprise that viewers felt close to him and were devastated when he died, despite the fact that he was simply another TV character that died on the programme.

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Twitter’s Sweet Glorious Moment

The recent outages of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp provided an opportunity for Squid Game fans to create memes that mix the tragic incident with one of the show’s deadly games.

A modified version of the Honeycomb game from episode 3, “The Man With The Umbrella,” is one of the most popular memes among fans. The image of Twitter with the others having broken sweets was a clever allusion to the show that only fans knew, as Twitter was one of the few big social media networks still running.