Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary

Based on the manga of the same name, Spy x Family is an ongoing anime series currently in its first season. It is being produced by Wit Studio and Cloverworks. Set in the fictional world somewhere between the 1940s to 1950s, Spy x Family revolves around Loid Forger and his adventures.

He has been assigned a mission where he needs to form a family of a kid and mother within a week. He adopts a child by the name of Anya and marries a woman named Yor. However, he doesn’t know about their secret identities which he’s unable to identify even as a spy. Let’s discuss Spy x Family episode 4 summary.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary – Day of Interview

After their preparations are complete, the Forgers visit the school for the interview. Upon entering the campus, Loid notices something unusual. He sees that the examination has already started as the faculty members are evaluating family members.

He informs Anya and Yor about the same. They walk with elegance which impresses the Housemaster. He asks facility members to keep an eye on them. Loid spots a kid drowning in the rubber and without any hesitation, saves him. However, he ends up dirtying his clothes in the process.

Next Phase

Housemaster thinks he had his hopes high, however, Loid surprises him as he had brought another set of clothes for such a situation. A lot of wild animals start marching toward people. Housemaster asks who brought them as they can hurt some VIP guests.

Yor rushes towards the leader of the pack and paralyzes it. Then Anya goes near it and communicates with it. The pack goes away and everyone gets to safety. The Housemaster arrives and thanks Loid for his help. Loid once again changes his outfit and goes to the next phase.

The Interview

Three of the housemasters take the interview Loid family and among them is Swan who is a recent divorcee. He hates seeing Loid being happy with his family and being a lovey-dovey couple. The interviewers ask each of them some questions and they provide satisfactory answers.

However, when Swan asks Anya whether she likes her old mom more or her new mom, she starts crying. This makes Yor very angry but Loid asks her to control herself. However, Loid himself loses his cool and ends up breaking the table.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 4 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 5 – What to Expect

In Spy x Family episode 5, you can expect to see the results of the interview. Though Loid blew it by punching the table, Housemaster would surely do something to ensure that Anya gets admitted into the school. After all, he was impressed by the family.

This would start the real mission for Loid as well as Anya. Anya needs to get close to her son of Donovan so that Loid could get close to the man himself. We have a lot of exciting moments awaiting us as we wait for the upcoming episode.

Spy x Family Episode 4 – Where to Watch

You can watch Spy x Family episode 4 on Netflix and YouTube.

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