Spy x Family Episode 3 Summy

Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary

Spy x Family is an ongoing anime series that revolves around the Forget family. Forger’s family consists of Lloyd Forger who is a spy from the WISE unit, Yor Briar who is a secret assassin, and Anya who is a telepath.

All of them have secrets of their own that the other party isn’t aware of. However, since she’s an esper, Anya knows pretty much everything about her two parents and she finds the entire situation amusing. Let’s talk about Spy x Family episode 3 summary.

Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary – Going for a Walk

With the interview for Eden School coming close, Lloyd Forger decides to prepare the duo of mother and daughter for the interview. He dresses up as an interviewer and asks them some questions. He first asks Anya what she does on holidays.

Anya replies that her father doesn’t allow her to go outside so she spends most of her days in the house watching TV. Upon asking Yor, she fumbles and starts getting nervous. He realizes that this isn’t going to work in the interview, hence taking them both out to bond as a family.

The trio visits several places that a normal family would like a museum, opera, etc. They then visit a restaurant where Lloyd further realizes that cracking the interview is going to be a difficult job for them. Yor asks Lloyd to follow him and visit a certain place.

Catching the Thief

Yor brings both Anya and Lloyd to a place she visits frequently. It’s a park with very few people and it gives a breath of fresh air to Lloyd. A thief steals a purse from a grandma and runs away. Yor makes a quick movement and descends the hill to catch the thief.

However, as soon as she comes down, the thief already departs in the flock of people. She arrives with disappointment but Lloyd takes it within himself to find the thief. Anya tries to hear the voice of the thief among the crowd so that she could locate him.

She finally finds the location and points him to her father. Lloyd catches the thief and returns the purse to grandma. Grandma thanks him for his help and tells them that they’re lovely family. Lloyd realizes that they’ve made some progress as a family.

Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 3 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 4 – What to Expect

In Spy x Family episode 4, Lloyd and the family will visit Eden High school to attend the interview with Anya. There, they will be evaluated and examined for performance. Lloyd, as cunning he is, will immediately figure out how faculty are going to evaluate everyone.

The Housemaster will try to put several challenges in front of them but they will be able to overcome all of them pretty swiftly. After overcoming all the odds and initial hurdles, the Forger family will be invited for the interview.

Spy x Family Episode 3 – Where to Watch

You can watch Spy x Family episode 3 on Netflix and YouTube.

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