Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary

Spy x Family is an ongoing comedy-drama anime based on manga of the same name. The focus of the story is a family of three which consists of Loid Forger, Yor Briar, and Anya. However, they’re not related.

Because of the mission assigned to him, Loid forms a fake family, however, he doesn’t know the real identities of two people who’ve just become part of his family. Spy x Family is an unusual tale of a family who wasn’t supposed to be together but their destiny suggested something else. Let’s discuss Spy x Family episode 2 summary.

Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary – Twilight

Twilight is one of the most competent names in the WISE group of detectives. While the two nations are always waging an information war, it is always important to hold the necessary pieces of information. Twilight is one of the elite spies that has been executing his tasks swiftly.

He manages to succeed in his last mission by stealing the photos of the minister. Furthermore, he breaks up with his girlfriend in the identity of Robert and ends the relationship since his mission is accomplished. However, there’s an upcoming mission that he must undertake.

Operation Strix

Through the coded message, Loid learns that the new mission involves getting close to Donovan who remains very cautious and only appears in the parent-teacher gathering in a very prestigious school. For the mission, he needs to find a wife and a daughter within one week.

Loid Forger starts hunting for the kid by visiting an orphanage. Over there, he finds Anya who impresses him with her intellect. However, what Loid doesn’t know is that Anya is a telepath who was the result of an experiment.

Responsibility of Spy

Loid takes out Anya for a stroll and questions whether his decision was correct or not. Anya gets kidnapped and Forger goes to rescue her. He thinks that it’s not right to involve such a little girl in violence.

He tries to sway away Anya but she remains with him. After some thought, he decides to take Anya with him. After taking her home, they receive a mail stating that the second stage of getting admission into school is to go through an Interview. And for that, both parents need to be present.

Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary
Spy x Family Episode 2 Summary

Spy x Family Episode 3 – What to Expect

In Spy x Family episode 3, you can expect the story to progress further as the Forger family will prepare for the upcoming interview. Loid will find it difficult to train the pair of mother and daughter since they’re an unusual bunch.

They will go out on a stroll to learn what real families do. However, things won’t go as per Loid’s imagination. He might even think about dropping the idea until a certain incident happens. The trio is certainly weird but slowly, they’re learning how real family functions.


Spy x Family Episode 2 – Where to Watch

You can watch Spy x Family episode 2 on Netflix and YouTube.

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