Spotify founder joins with Arsenal legends in bid to buy club

Spotify founder joins with Arsenal legends in bid to buy club
Spotify founder joins with Arsenal legends in bid to buy club

Updates from Premier League as Arsenal receives ownership bid from Spotify owner Daniel Ek with assistance from Three Arsenal legends.  

Arsenal are certainly struggling through a tough time in Premier League. The lost to Everton in league and dropped down to 10th position on the league table. They might drop down even further, if Aston Villa wins the remaining fixture.

Amid the financial crisis in the football world, will the current owners think about selling the club?  

Spotify Owner ready to place an offer

The Swedish audio streaming company Spotify wants to make an official offer to buy football club Arsenal.

Daniel Ek, the owner of the company openly admitted his fond for the club Arsenal. And he’ll happily accept a proposal, if the current American owners decide to sell the club.

Reports suggests that Arsenal legends like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira offered their assistance to help Daniel EK.

If possible, the named players will also add up money to own a share in their club.

How do the current owners view the situation?

The American sporting company, Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) owns the complete club sole ownership. The company first invested in Arsenal club in 2007 and eventually acquired other sectors to become the sole owner in 2018.

The American owners valued the club at £1.8 Billion, and would normally offer a deal of £2 Billion at least to sell the club. Josh Kroenke, the on of principle owner of the club have rejected any claim to sell the club.

Although Daniel Ek worth around £3.8 Billion, Josh Kroenke quoted that they’re more than capable of carrying the club forward.

Arsenal Owners received criticisms

After Arsenal showed interest in joining the highly controversial European Super League; several fans gathered around the Emirates to show their disapproval.

Even Arsenal legend Thierry Henry said to media that the owners running the club as company instead of running as a football club. And the things have deteriorated to worse condition in terms of football.

Arsenal lingering around the mid-table borderline, have no chance of qualifying for European football next season; unless they win the UEFA Europa League this season, where they will play La Liga side Villareal managed by former Arsenal manager Unai Emery.