Splashlearn: Utilizing Math Games for K–5 Students on Splash Learn


Children enjoy playing games. They learn to swim and play the piano, among other things, so why can’t learning arithmetic or English be enjoyable as well? With this goal in mind, SplashLearn’s game-based learning platform is revolutionizing how kids learn through interactive, incredibly engaging games.

Parents frequently worry that their children are not interested in learning anything at all and don’t want to study. We’re attempting to find an answer to the question: What is likely the cause? In most circumstances, it may be because of a lack of motivation or even disillusionment.

Before starting school, learning and playing are almost interchangeable for younger children. They experiment, discover the universe, and learn; it comes naturally to them, almost intuitively. When they start attending school, all of their learning is structured in a controlled way; they have a curriculum to follow and a predetermined course to take. The interaction turns hostile; it becomes student vs. learning. It seems like you are experiencing learning or that learning is happening to you. Instead of you being involved in learning.

One of the main causes is the teaching model itself, or how kids learn, or how we attempt to educate, aside from elements like stress and anxiety that we subject kids to with proper regard to performance. Through SplashLearn, the goal is to alter these instructional models and revert to more instinctive and natural learning processes that are more child-centric, student-friendly, or both. Going to “play” is one technique to accomplish it. The play has been a crucial part of human evolution all along. It’s ingrained in us on a deep level. The primary idea behind SplashLearn is that we don’t need to be taught how to play because there are many other ways to do it. We can learn while we play and explore.

A Math Game For Elementary Students In Grades Pre-K–5, SplashLearn


A game-based learning program for primary school students is called SplashLearn. The curriculum covers pre-kindergarten through grade five mathematics and reading fundamentals (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2). Children can participate in more than 6500 curriculum-aligned activities as they progress through personalized learning pathways.

SplashLearn offers children intuitive and enjoyable learning experiences in an effort to help them find an intrinsic passion of learning. Most gamified learning systems incorporate game-based elements into learning, such as leaderboards, incentives, badges, etc. While such systems can undoubtedly encourage kids to invest more time in the product, they have little to no impact on how kids learn.

On the other side, SplashLearns’ Game-Based Learning strategy modifies how kids learn via games. Its main goal is to use games to improve pedagogy and make learning more efficient and natural, not to increase its entertainment value. The games in SplashLearn are created with a specific learning aim in mind, and they include a wealth of rich backgrounds, embedded instructions, meaningful interactions, and creative in-game tools to make learning really immersive.

Whether you’re looking for a math game for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade, SplashLearn seeks to help kids find a natural love for learning by giving them engaging learning activities. Most gamified learning systems incorporate game-based elements into learning, such as leaderboards, incentives, badges, etc. While such systems can undoubtedly encourage kids to invest more time in the product, they have little to no impact on how kids learn.

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Splashverse sneak glimpse into the SplashLearn world!

Children in SplashLearn learn while having fun as they explore the wonderful Splashverse environment! The children can achieve their daily learning objectives while also visiting exotic locales, getting to know a variety of characters, assisting the characters on difficult tasks, and participating in thrilling adventures.

The Math World and the Reading World are the two main worlds that makeup SplashLearn at the moment. The children will discover a variety of mini-worlds based on the subjects they decide to study within each world. Each little universe is intended to unconsciously reinforce the foundational ideas of the associated subject. While the characters are developed to provide conceptual background and allow for story conflicts that inspire play and riddles.

For instance, the Oolzoo, one of the kids’ favorite characters, is made to hold numerals on its chest. Multiple Oolzoos can be joined together or split apart to create larger or smaller Oolzoos, simulating addition and subtraction problems. The Buc-Bucs are to the reading world what the Oolzoos are to the math world. The Buc-Bucs are perceptive creatures that tirelessly seek their surroundings for letters and sounds. They can produce the sounds of the letters they acquire.

SplashLearn enjoys exploring new subjects and coming up with thoughts on how to translate academic ideas into gaming worlds that include settings and characters that help to clarify the ideas. As a result, Splashverse is always changing, and learning at SplashLearn is an ongoing journey.

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What Features Does SplashLearn Offer?


Reading and Math are available for kids in PreK through grade 2 respectively. The curriculum is in line with Common Core, and the program’s modular design makes it simple to adapt it to other state-specific standards that raise students’ test scores. Through enjoyable games and worksheets, it covers more than 6,500 Math and Reading topics.

A learning route that is personalized for each child and is suited for their grade and skill level is produced by SplashLearn’s adaptive algorithm. Teachers can sign in and set up an account for their class on SplashLearn for free, and so are schools. The complete SplashLearn material catalog is available to teachers. Teachers can monitor each student’s progress and fill up any learning gaps thanks to a thorough dashboard for them.

Student Dashboard

Assignments: Teachers can give out practice material to a single student or the entire class, and they can keep track of who has completed their assignments. Additionally, teachers are able to give homework that students can access from home.

Assessments: Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring tests that examine students’ levels of proficiency and assist teachers in identifying those who need more assistance.

Parent Dashboard: The Parent dashboard gives real-time updates that enable parents to monitor their child’s learning path and suggest topics to complete. Parents receive instant notifications on progress advancement and skill completions through the Parent dashboard.

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Children’s Splash Summer Camp Programs

SplashLearn can assist children in balancing learning while avoiding any anxiety or tension associated with learning new things, as the epidemic has disrupted education and children are having a difficult time adjusting to the new normal. In addition, SplashLearn has developed Splash Summer Camp Courses for Youngsters, which are entertaining and meet both the child’s academic and socio-emotional needs because the activities are carried out in small groups of 3 to 5 kids. Join the most thrilling online camp (one class is free as a trial): Courses at Splash Summer Camp

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