Spiral: Saw ending explained – A Shocking Revelation Leaves Viewers Baffled

Spiral: Saw ending explained – A Shocking Revelation Leaves Viewers Baffled
Spiral: Saw ending explained – A Shocking Revelation Leaves Viewers Baffled

In its ninth instalment, the Saw series has returned yet again, and this time in the name of “Spiral: From the Book of Saw”. Featuring another string of grotesque and brutal traps, Spiral managed to capture the essence of its predecessors and John Kramer’s vision. This time the story is revolving around an honest cop named Banks and his pursuit of the Jigsaw Killer.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the movie which would certainly embroil people into confusion. The ending nonetheless has been significantly defiant but if you still didn’t catch on to it, we are here for you. Let’s break down this bizarre and brutal showdown and get you Spiral ending explained most simplistically.

Spiral: Saw ending explained

Spiral: From the Book of Saw Story

The story for this Saw installment features a killer who goes on the spree of killing corrupted cops. After killing them he sends their part of a body along with a badge in a box to the police. It starts with Boswick who gets blistered into a piece on the subway and the trail of corrupt cops’ blood keeps on widening.

Banks is on the mission to catch this killer however, his colleagues aren’t receptive to him because, in the past, he turned in a corrupt cop. He goes through some excruciating experiences and ultimately finds the killer’s identity however it’s too late.

Who is Jigsaw Killer?

Even though a lot of other cops at the station don’t like him, there is his new partner Schenk who is appreciative of Banks. After solving the web of mysteries, Banks finally confronts the Jigsaw killer and turns out it’s Schenk himself.

In the very last trap, Banks’ father is strung by the wires and Banks has to make a crucial choice. Even though Schenk and Banks spent a good chunk of time together, the former has formed a bit void in fully trusting Banks. He lays the condition that Banks has to let his father die and prove his loyalty.

Schenk is the Killer

Did Marcus Die?

Banks is given three choices. One; shoot the mechanism and free his father while Schenk escapes. Two; shoot Schenk but since there’s only one bullet, he can’t free his father. Three; become an ally with Schenk and take down all corrupt cops together.

The conflicted Banks chooses the first option and frees his father. A lot of blood is already drained out of him but still, somehow he breathes.

However, his life comes to a demise in the next moments when the police arrive and employ a massive shootout which ultimately kills Marcus. So yes, Marcus did die and even after Banks saved him, he couldn’t stop his death.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ending explained

Why Schenk Became Jigsaw Killer?

Remember how Banks turned in a corrupt cop which led to his colleagues disliking him? Yeah, that cop was involved in killing a potential witness. And guess what, Schenk is the son of that witness and in his revenge, he is killing every corrupt cop.

In the end, Banks didn’t join him in the mission and lost his father as well. It’s not an understatement to say it was a complete defeat for an honest cop like Banks. But that’s how the real world is, isn’t it? We are surrounded by monsters and it’s the game of survival. Banks certainly understood that and who knows we may see him turn into Jigsaw killer in the upcoming sequel.

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