Spider-Man’s new uniform – Looks creepy?

MCU’s very first superhero Spider-Man has always been different than the others. A teenager who doesn’t seem to fit in, dealing with insecurity and trauma is very relatable to the audience. He uses humour as his coping mechanism which often befuddle other superheroes as well as the villains. His comic phrases, his spontaneous actions, and dealing with real life problems side by side fighting against the evil makes him more appealing.

Our Friendly Neighbour Spidey get’s a new suit and also a new job in Amazing Spider-Man. He has become a live streamer. This makes him a big target for both the superhero community and the villains. His new costume will allow him to live stream the fight online on a Twitch like platform. It also allows him and his team to interact with the audience in real time. 

Spider-Man takes up this new initiative to help Norah Winters and J. Jonah to get big sponsors. Peter Parker needs money as he is unemployed. His roommate Boomerang tries to make get-rich-quick schemes to make money fast rather than getting a real job. But Ironically he started earning big internet dollars by using pictures of their pet monster High and became a social influencer. Peter went on to make it bigger by his new costume and innovative idea with the help of Threats and Menaces. That is a tabloid news which is owned by Winters. 

Spider-Man’s New Avatar in Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man’s New Avatar in Amazing Spider-Man

Even before this big break he proved his worth by doing podcast with J.Jonah Jemison. And now that Threats and Menaces gave him a costume of new opportunities they both have teamed up again to make big bucks. Having J.Jonah his “man in the chair” by his side he picked up some big numbers. His first fight against Shocker, Speed Demon and Hydro-Man gained a lot of response. 

Speed-Demon quipped that getting beaten by “an influencer” is humiliating. His viewers can also vote for his moves and his battle was also finished with a message from his sponsors You-Undies. After this gimmick it seems hard for the MCU heroes and villains to take Spidey seriously. It is hard to imagine how Captain America or the other superheroes will react to such moral degradation actions. 

But even it might raise some eyebrows, live-streaming is a lucrative gig in this age. The progression of our protagonist with it’s subsequent time is what makes him relatable and most unique among all the righteous heroes. Spider-Man’s streams were even called a low seven-figure bidding war for spots by The Daily Bugle’s Gloria Grant. But as long as the money is flowing Spider-Man seems to enjoy it. 

What do you guys think? Was it a wise choice or a path of degrading his past glory? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates on Marvel Comics. Also, follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more updates about your favourite superhero updates.