Spencer Ending Explained – What Was Diana’s Fate?

Directed by Pablo Larrain, Spencer is a historical fiction psychological drama movie distributed by Neon. It stars Kristen Stewart in the lead role while Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sean Harris, Sally Hawkins, and Jack Nielen act in the supporting cast.

Kristen Stewart, the star of the Twilight series, takes the role of Princess Diana in this movie. There’s not anything remarkable about the movie that could catch the attention of moviegoers, however, it is a good attempt at retelling the story of Princess Diana. Let’s discuss Spencer ending explained in this blog.

Spencer Ending Explained
Spencer Ending Explained


To put it out, Spencer is the story of the life of Diana. However, in all the iterations we’ve seen of her in the media. We’ve seen all forms of them. From her glory to her brash reality, however, what Spencer focuses on is a unique approach. It tries to display the delusion of the princess and how she’s trapped in different versions of her.

There’s nothing happy for Diana in the movie. She is always caught up in various delusions and has to make conflicting decisions at various points of her life. Being a princess isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, it least in her case since many limitations get imposed on her.

Diana in Spencer goes into a breakdown with various circumstances that she comes across. Her diet, her eating habits, her pain, her sadness, everything gets to her one by one and her emotional self fails to keep up with the impending expectations. Even though her life is mostly portrayed with that of anxiety and stress, she does have bits and pieces of happy moments.

To Diana, the love for her children makes up for some of the best moments of her life. However, there are still two different personalities she has to keep with one that of a princess and one of her real self. Diana tries and struggles to fit in but in the end, she gives up as we curtail the story of Diana the princess.

The Royal Family

From the outside, Royal Family and its traditions look fantastic and elite. However, through Spencer and the eyes of Diana, we discover some shocking truths about what goes inside the royalty. We start right on Christmas when we see a truck arriving and dispatching several boxes.

Upon learning more, we find out that there’s a tradition that takes place before Christmas. First, they weigh in all the ladies and their target is to increase the weight by 3lbs in a week. We also learn another shocking tradition through the chef which allows us to see the true horror of this royal family.

Spencer Ending Explained
Spencer Ending Explained

Spencer Ending Explained – What Was Diana’s Fate?

The director in Spencer is trying to portray an external element that is controlling the life of Diana. They aren’t shown in the movie but their presence is felt across the scenes. Diana is tangled up in the middle by their intervention and her circumstances keep on getting worse with each interaction.

There are no ghosts in the movie, but the tension embedded by these figures in the head of Diana which slowly turns into something unimaginable is a talking point of the movie. Diana is pushed off the edge and almost decides to give up, however, there’s still some lingering hope in her cause.

The weight on her shoulder gets lifted when the cheating matter of her husband with his mistress is on the table. Furthermore, she learns that her confidante is actually in love with him. Everything starts working out for her as she asks her kids to join her in the venture. By taking on the ride, she rides to the KFC and relives her worries by biting off the food.

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