South Park Pandemic Special to Air on Comedy Central

South Park Pandemic Special to Air on Comedy Central

South Park, an irreverent animated satire essentially constructed to lambast America’s failure to react to COVID-19and will broadcast a hour-long pandemic specific Sept. 30 in 8/7c on Comedy Central. This marks the very first time at South Park’s 23 decades on the atmosphere an event will operate more than the string’s average half-hour structure, and a teaser to its particular was shown by the cable community on Tuesday. 

The unique will address several problems that appear to baffle Americans regarding our brand new, claustrophobic method of living and also the normally horrible state of events which marks 2020 as among the worst lately. Comedy Central’s overview of this incident reads,”Randy comes to terms with his function from the COVID-19 epidemic because the continuing pandemic presents continuing challenges to the taxpayers of South Park. The children happily return to college but nothing looks like the normal they once understood; not their educators, not their homeroom, not Eric Cartman.”

The hour-long pandemic unique isn’t the premiere of Season 24; its uncertain when a complete year will debut. South Park was revived through 2022 and is now among the very few series which may move into production regardless of coronavirus place shutdowns, as a result of its own animated format. 

South Park’s hour-long pandemic particular will air on Wednesday, Sept. 30 in 8/7c on Comedy Central. 

Southern ParkPhoto: Comedy Central

South Park is now flowing on HBO Max. 

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