South Korea sees rise in recovered virus patients testing positive again (NYSEARCA:EWY)

As some countries begin to ease coronavirus related shutdowns, flareups in South Korea and other parts of Asia are causing concern.

South Korea reports at least 116 people initially cleared of COVID-19 have tested positive again, even as officials suggest they will soon consider easing strict recommendations aimed at preventing new outbreaks.

Only 25 new cases overall are reported, but the rise in “reactivated” patients puzzles experts who say faulty tests may be playing a role, or remnants of the virus may remain in patients’ systems but not be infectious.

South Korea has called on residents to follow strict social distancing until at least April 19, but as cases have dropped and the weather has improved, a growing number of people have been flouting the guidelines.

Japan has seen its number of new cases climb rapidly in recent days and now has 7,255 confirmed cases of the virus.


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