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Sony’s PS4 new model fixes the noise issues of its old model

The PS4 Pro was notoriously famous for making noise during intense gaming sessions. Sony has addressed the issue and has launched the new model of PS4 where the firm has fixed all sorts of noise issues in the gaming console.

The new model of PS4 CUH-7200 is pretty much similar to the previous models of the PS4 Pro when seen from outside. The bulky three-prong PC-style power connector at the back of the console has now been replaced with the slim and standard figure-eight cable that Sony and Microsoft both currently use for their PS4 Slim and Xbox One S consoles. This change by Sony has not produced any difference in drawing power or heat output.

With the new revision in PS4( CUH-7200), the company has managed to reduce the noise level of the console between 44 and 48dB which with the earlier model was somewhere between 50 and 55dB. The change is the most awaited change that the company was willing to come with for the users, as this will surely favor user experience while using the console.

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However, we cannot notice the changes made by the company unless we will rip apart one of the consoles. But if you are the one who is willing to purchase PS4 during the festive season than you can surely go with this model. But it is not easy to purchase the new model as Sony is selling the model with the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle (look out for a CUH-7216B on the front of the packaging if you’re interested in that route). Though there is a possibility that soon it will become the default console as retailers run through their old stock.

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